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Learn how to find affordable homeowners insurance in Los Angeles.

Finding Homeowners Insurance in Los Angeles, California

There’s no place like Los Angeles. Home to Hollywood, celebrities, and some of the country’s most beloved artists, it’s a city designed to enchant. It’s no wonder four million residents call this place home.

But even paradise has its risks. Between theft, wildfires, and earthquakes, Los Angeles homeowners need insurance that can keep up. That’s where we come in. Learn about California homeowners insurance – from what it covers to what it costs in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Home Insurance Costs

Los Angeles home insurance costs $1,388 on average from Kin. You can see how we compare to Travelers’ price below – about 1 percent cheaper. That might not seem like much, but combined with how fast and easy it is to get insurance with us, it adds up. Time is money, after all.

Most LA homes have soaring market values, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your home’s replacement cost will match its price tag. And that’s a good thing! You pay far less insuring your home for what it costs to rebuild it from the ground up than you would if you had to factor in the value of its location and other intangibles that drive up home prices.

Average Los Angeles Home Insurance Premiums by Company

Kin Allstate Travelers
$1,388 $1,333 $1,395

Remember, the cost of your coverage varies based on your home’s location. Even neighborhood to neighborhood can have drastically different prices depending on wildfire and theft risk. Your home’s age, construction, and your claims history also impact your rates.

Learn more about the cost of homeowners insurance.

What Los Angeles Home Insurance Covers

Our homeowners insurance is an HO3 policy – the perfect mix of affordability and reliable coverage. Every policy offers:

You can customize your policy with endorsements, too. Think of these as mini policies that help tailor your coverage to fit you just right.

Major Risks for Los Angeles Homeowners

Every homeowners insurance policy covers the standard perils such as fire, wind storm, vandalism, and theft. It’s a good thing, too – nearly 26 out of every 1,000 Los Angeles residents experience a property crime. But it isn’t just the crime that you need to look out for.

Los Angeles Wildfire Coverage

In 2019, the Getty Fire threatened Los Angeles’ million-dollar homes along the 405 Freeway and the famous Getty Center and its millions of dollars in artwork. It seems that nowhere in Los Angeles is safe from the wildfires. For those who live in the hills, this threat can make getting homeowners insurance incredibly difficult. Many insurance companies won’t cover homes in wildfire zones to curb their losses.

Wildfire insurance simply means that your insurance will cover damage caused by wildfires. It’s included in most standard homeowners insurance policies, including ours.

Los Angeles Flood Insurance

While most of the flood zones in Los Angeles are near the beach, parts of the city are also prone to flooding. It’s hard to imagine flooding when you are in one of the worst droughts in California history. But if an El Niño year comes along with heavy rains, there could be massive flooding throughout Los Angeles.

Luckily, you can add flood insurance to your policy. It doesn’t come standard with your coverage, but for a little extra, you can protect your home from all the elements.

Earthquake Coverage in Los Angeles

Earthquake insurance isn’t required in California – not even lenders require it on new home mortgages. But the USGS says there’s a 60 percent chance of a 6.7 magnitude earthquake in the Los Angeles area. Homeowners insurance doesn’t cover earthquake damage.

Earthquake insurance covers the damage that happens while the earth is shaking, whether that is 10 seconds or what seems like 10 minutes. Ask us to add it to your policy.

Tips for Lowering Los Angeles Home Insurance Costs

The cost of living in Los Angeles is high enough. That’s why we make it so easy for you to save on your coverage. We offer home insurance discounts for:

  • Smart home safety and security devices.
  • Secure communities.
  • Electronic policies.
  • Ember resistant venting.
  • Annual brush removal contract.
  • LEED-certified homes.
  • New homebuyers.

There are other ways to save, too. You get a discount for a claims-free history, and you can save by increasing your deductible. Just remember: only take on a deductible you can afford when you need to make a claim.

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