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Learn how to find affordable homeowners insurance in Fresno, CA.

Finding Homeowners Insurance in Fresno, California

Fresno, California, is not only one of the most affordable places to live in the US, but it also has serious charm. It’s a big city with a small-town feel thanks to its community events, friendly neighborhoods, and farmers markets. In fact, Fresno is the agricultural capital of the world, and its fresh farm-to-fork fare can be found everywhere.

But even affordable, friendly cities have their share of risks, and Fresno has to be ready for wildfires and earthquakes. Learn about what California home insurance covers and what it costs to keep your Fresno home safe.

Fresno Home Insurance Costs

At $546 a year with Kin, the average cost of home insurance in Fresno, CA, is markedly lower than California’s average ($1,188 a year with Kin), and the national average ($1,211 a year). You can see how we compare to other Fresno County insurance companies below. We’re 6 percent cheaper than Travelers average price for this area.

Average Fresno Home Insurance Premiums by Company

Kin Allstate Travelers
$546 $517 $579

Your costs may vary depending on your exact location; your home’s age, size, construction, and safety features; and your claims history. The best way to know what you’ll pay for coverage? Get a quote! It’s easy, free, and won’t stay on your credit report.

Learn more about the cost of homeowners insurance.

What Fresno Home Insurance Covers

Your homeowners insurance from Kin is an HO3 policy, which means it’s the right blend of robust coverage without the bells and whistles most folks don’t need. Your policy includes:

  • Replacement cost dwelling coverage: This pays to repair or rebuild your home after a covered loss.
  • Other structures coverage: This pays to rebuild or repair your shed, garage, greenhouse, and fence.
  • Personal property coverage: When your belongings (electronics, appliances, clothes, etc.) are damaged or lost, this pays to replace or repair them.
  • Loss of use coverage: This gives you an allowance for extra living expenses when you can’t live in your home after a covered loss.
  • Personal liability coverage: If you’re sued over someone’s bodily injury or property damage, this can help pay for your legal costs.
  • Medical payments coverage: When a guest has a small injury at your home, this can help pay for their immediate medical expenses.

You can also add on extra coverage (called endorsements) to customize your policy to match your lifestyle. For example, if you have a beloved pup, adding on animal liability insurance may make sense. It can pay for bodily harm or property damage they may accidentally cause.

Major Risks for Fresno Homeowners

Every homeowners insurance policy covers standard risks, like fire damage, water damage from busted pipes, vandalism, and theft. Theft coverage is especially important in Fresno – it has one of the highest crime rates in America.

But what about major natural disasters? Keep reading to find out what coverage you should make sure your policy has.

Fresno Wildfire Insurance

In July of 2020, the Mineral Fire burned more than 28,000 acres in Fresno and destroyed several structures. And wildfire risk is only growing each year as drought conditions create more natural fuel and kindling. Many California homes near wildfire zones may have a hard time getting insured.

But all our California homeowners policies include wildfire insurance. You don’t have to turn to FAIR Plan coverage to get this necessary protection.

Fresno Flood Insurance

Surrounded by agricultural lands, Fresno has flat areas susceptible to flooding. Your standard homeowners insurance can cover water damage from a burst pipe but not flood damage from rising waters in the community. You need flood insurance for that. Ask us about it!

Earthquake Coverage in Fresno

While Fresno doesn’t sit on any major faults, major quakes in nearby communities can still cause damage. Plus, in 1983, Fresno had its own 6.4 magnitude earthquake that injured 47 and caused $31 million in damage.

Standard home insurance policies don’t include earthquake insurance – you need to add on this coverage. Luckily, we have a trusted earthquake insurance partner to help you get this coverage affordably.

Tips for Lower Fresno Home Insurance Costs

Our prices are already low, but we give you even more ways to save with these homeowners insurance discounts:

  • Smart home safety and security devices.
  • Secure communities.
  • Electronic policies.
  • Ember resistant venting.
  • Annual brush removal contract.
  • LEED-certified homes.
  • New homebuyers.
  • Claims-free history.

You can also adjust your deductible to bring down your costs, too. If you increase your deductible, your premium decreases. Find that sweet spot between saving money now and saving money during a claim.

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