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Protecting your home has never been easier. We use data to instantly tailor your policy for your home. You save money because you only pay for what you need. And you get deals on hardware and services that keep your home safe.

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We crunch thousands of data points about your home so we can recommend the perfect coverage.

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A quick online application explains key policy terms – no guesswork required.

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We find you deals on devices and services that make your home safer. The safer your home, the lower your premium.

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We have decades of experience in insurance, finance, and technology, but we are also homeowners. That’s why we’re reimagining what insurance can do.

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Our policies are underwritten by partners that have decades of experience writing over a billion dollars in policies each year. In other words, your home is protected by the very best.

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Kin definitely lives up to its idea of making insurance easy to get and easy to understand; now I just wish other companies would follow suit.

– Michael from Florida

No hassle, clear offerings and much assistance to facilitate the process. Rates and options are highly favorable. Was extremely pleased.

– Diana from Texas

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