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We have lots of data, so we recommend the right coverage. No storefronts means more savings for you, and deals on hardware and services keep your home safe.

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Thousands of data points about your home help us recommend the perfect coverage.

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Selling insurance online means less overhead and lower premiums.

We’re in this together.

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Our Team.

We have decades of experience in finance, insurance and technology. We’ve put together a world class team that is changing the insurance industry.

Our Insurance.

Our policies are underwritten by partners with over 80 years in business writing billions of dollars in policies per year, meaning your home is protected by the best.

Insure your home in less than 15 minutes.

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Kin definitely lives up to its idea of making insurance easy to get and easy to understand; now I just wish other companies would follow suit.

– Michael from Florida

No hassle, clear offerings and much assistance to facilitate the process. Rates and options are highly favorable. Was extremely pleased.

– Diana from Texas

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