It’s Time To Simplify Homeowners Insurance!

Your home is more than a possession; it’s at the center of your life and you need to protect it. But, insurance policies are complicated and very few homeowners understand their coverage. Kin is changing that. We’ll get you the right policy, make sure you understand it, and do it on your schedule. It’s that simple.

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The Right Policy

We use public information to build a profile of your home. This saves you from having to answer a hundred questions you may or may not know the answer to. You spend less time filling out forms and we can more quickly build you an accurate insurance policy.

Your Coverage, Understood

How much do you know about your homeowners coverage? We believe that policies have been hidden behind cloudy language and uncovered gaps for far too long. We’ll make sure you understand your policy before signing onto it.

What Time Works For You?

Who has time to talk to an agent during office hours? Not us. That’s why we let you manage everything about your insurance policy, from quote to claim, at any time, from anywhere, on whatever device you’re holding. If you have a question our agents are here to help, but you only talk to them if you want to.

Protect Your Home Today

Your time is important. We get it. That’s why we want to get you the right policy without all the interruptions. Get a quote with just your address, and customize it in minutes.

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