Homeowners Insurance in Alabama

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Alabama Homeowners Insurance

Whether you call the bustle of Birmingham your home or you’ve laid down roots in scenic Montgomery, one thing is certain. There’s no place quite like Alabama.

Shouldn’t your home insurance be unique, too?

Personalized, reliable coverage matters when protecting your home and family. That’s especially true in Alabama where homeowners face considerable hurricane and tornado risk.

Let’s take a look at how can you make sure you’re getting the best homeowners insurance in Alabama – without overpaying for it.

The Best Homeowners Insurance in Alabama Won’t Cut Corners

A typical home insurance policy will cover the things you care about:

  • Your house
  • Your belongings
  • Other structures (e.g., your garage, fence, etc.)

But a great home insurance policy will take those basics a step further and address:

  • Additional living costs when a covered claim forces you to temporarily relocate.
  • Personal liability (e.g., when you knock over your neighbor’s fancy new grill and have to pay for damages).
  • Medical expenses when visitors have a small injury on your property.
  • Replacement cost for your roof (regardless of its age).
  • Wind and hail damage, even if you live in an area prone to high winds.

The good news is that when you work with an insurance provider like Kin, you can customize your policy. That means you’ll have these protections in place, but they’ll be tailored realistically to reflect your budget and lifestyle.

It’s one way we make sure essential coverage isn’t extravagantly priced.

A custom policy = essential protection that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Our Homeowners Insurance at a Glance

Get to know the parts of your policy through real world examples.

Coverage A - Dwelling Coverage

The dwelling coverage portion of a standard homeowners insurance policy pays to repair or rebuild your home’s physical structure, such as walls, floors, roof, windows, support beams, and foundation if your home is damaged by a covered event (fire, wind, theft, etc.).

Coverage B - Other Structures Insurance

Home insurance also covers other structures on your property: your detached garage, fence, shed, and more.

Coverage C - Personal Property Coverage

Personal property coverage protects your stuff—things like electronics, furniture, and clothing—anywhere in the world.

Coverage D - Loss of Use Insurance

If a covered claim makes your home uninhabitable, your Kin policy can help pay for extra living expenses, such as lodging, food costs, and more.


Coverage E - Personal Liability Insurance

Even careful people get sued! Personal liability coverage can help pay for your legal expenses if you’re held responsible for another person’s injury or property loss.

Coverage F - Medical Payments Insurance

Medical payments coverage, which is part of your homeowners insurance, can help pay for your guests' immediate medical expenses if they’re injured at your home.

Top Risks for Alabama Homeowners

  1. Tornados. There’s a reason Alabama gets top spot for most violent tornadoes, especially in central and northern regions. It gets its fair share of F5, EF5, and EF4 winds (about 200 mph). In 2011, Alabama saw a record of 145 tornados, according to the National Weather Service. In 2018, there were 46.
  2. Hurricanes. Alabama is no stranger to hurricanes, and even when they don’t make landfall, they tend to batter coastal areas and leave them submerged. During Hurricane Katrina, homes in Bayou La Batre and Mobile faced surges of 12 to 14 feet and 11.45 feet respectively. Southeast Alabama took the biggest hit when Michael swept through in 2018, leaving Dale County with 5.54 inches of rain.
  3. Fire. In 2016, Alabama was one of the top three states for most fire deaths per million.

How Much Is Home Insurance in Alabama?

Alabama’s average annual home insurance premium is almost $200 higher than the national average because of its hurricane and tornado exposures. However, what you pay depends on a lot of factors, including where you live. For example, coastal homeowners in Mobile and Daphne may pay a higher rate than those in Decatur.

Shopping around for insurance and comparing quotes is the best way to make sure you’re getting a good rate without sacrificing coverage.

That said, Alabama homeowners insurance typically costs $1,386 / year on average.

Alabama homeowners insurance typically costs $1,386 per year.

Alabama Homeowners Insurance Laws

As in most states, Alabama homeowners are not required by law to have home insurance. That said, if you have a mortgage, your lender usually requires you to have coverage at all times.

If you own your home, the choice to keep your home protected is up to you. But keep in mind that homeowners who continuously have coverage in place often get the most affordable rates.

Compare Your Policy

Already have homeowners insurance for your Alabama home? No problem. Get a quote from Kin and we’ll see if we can find you a better deal by looking at:

  • Whether it makes sense to decrease your deductible
  • What discounts you qualify for
  • Whether your limits match your risk

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