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Learn how to find affordable homeowners insurance in Riverside.

Finding Homeowners Insurance in Riverside, California

Riverside is close to everything in Southern California: 30 minutes from the beach, 30 minutes to the mountains, and 30 minutes to the desert. It’s also home to many corporate headquarters and the birthplace of the California citrus industry.

But Riverside’s proximity to open space means it has to be ready for wildfires. Learn about California home insurance rates, what policies cover, and more ways to save on home insurance.

Riverside Home Insurance Costs

Riverside homeowners insurance costs $1,095 a year on average with Kin, but your rates may vary based on your neighborhood, your home’s age and safety features, and more. The best way to know what you’ll pay is to get a quote.

You can see how we compare to other insurance companies below.

Average Riverside Home Insurance Premiums by Company

Kin Travelers
$1,095 $905

Remember, cost isn’t the only deciding factor when shopping for a new policy. Make sure you’re not trading lower prices for less coverage. As much as 64 percent of homes are underinsured by 27 percent, and that difference can leave you high and dry when it’s time to file a claim.

What Riverside Home Insurance Covers

Our policies offer core coverages that protect your home and everything in it. Every policy has:

  • Replacement cost dwelling coverage: Pays to repair or rebuild your home if it’s damaged by a covered event.
  • Other structures coverage: Pays to repair or replace the other structures on your property, like sheds, gazebos, detached garages, and fences.
  • Personal property coverage: Protects all the things in your house that make it a home: electronics, furniture, furnishings, clothing, and more.
  • Loss of use coverage: Provides an allowance for additional living expenses when a covered claim keeps you from living at home.
  • Personal liability coverage: Pays for legal expenses when you’re sued over someone’s bodily injuries or property damage.
  • Medical payments coverage: Covers immediate medical expenses when a guest is injured at your home.

You can also customize your policy with endorsements. Think of these as mini insurance policies that make your coverage fit like a glove. These can raise your limits or add on specialty coverage (like flood

insurance or mold coverage).

Riverside’s Biggest Risks

Every standard homeowners insurance policy covers damage from fire, windstorms, internal water damage, vandalism, and theft. But sometimes you need a little extra coverage to make sure your home is ready for big disasters.

Let’s take a look at the disasters every Riverside homeowner should prepare for.

Riverside Wildfire Coverage

In August 2020, over 20,000 acres burned in an uncontained wildfire. More than 7,800 people were forced to evacuate. It’s a stark reminder that Riverside residents face real wildfire risk and could be forced to evacuate on a moment’s notice.

If you live in or near wildfire zones, you already know how difficult it can be to get homeowners insurance that covers you for wildfires. Good news: we cover Riverside homeowners and all our policies include wildfire insurance.

Riverside Flood Insurance

Riverside’s hills and low lying flatlands make for perfect flood conditions during a downpour. Unfortunately, homeowners insurance doesn’t cover flood damage from rising waters around and into the home.

But you can easily add flood insurance to your policy for this essential protection. Just ask us about it!

Earthquake Coverage in Riverside

California, home to the San Andreas and San Jacinto faults, is no stranger to earthquakes. As recent as August 11, 2020, Southern California experienced a swarm of earthquakes with experts predicting an 18 percent chance of a 4.5 to 5.4 magnitude shaker.

While earthquake insurance isn’t included in your policy automatically, you can easily add it on. This is the only coverage that can pay for damage to your home, other structures, and belongings caused by shaking earth movement.

Tips for Lower Riverside Home Insurance Costs

Take your home insurance savings even further. We’ll check to see if you qualify for these big discounts:

  • Smart home safety and security devices.
  • Secure communities.
  • Electronic policies.
  • Ember resistant venting.
  • Annual brush removal contract.
  • LEED-certified homes.
  • New homebuyers.

You can also adjust your deductible to keep your rates in check. Remember, your deductible is the amount you’re responsible for covering out of pocket when you file a claim. Typically, a higher deductible means a lower premium. Just make sure you don’t choose a deductible so high that it bars you from filing claims when you need to.

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