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Home insurance coverage questions

Do I need to change my homeowners insurance if I rent out my house?

Yes, you'll need to change homeowners insurance for rental properties. Renting out your property means you need dwelling property insurance to make sure you’re properly protected. That’s true for short-term rentals, too.

What is a roof surfacing payment schedule?

Getting a roof surfacing payment schedule endorsement reduces your premium because it changes the basis for claims settlements for roof damage caused by wind or hail to a payment schedule based on your roof’s age and surface materials.

What is a replacement cost estimate?

Your home’s replacement cost estimate is a calculation of what it would cost to rebuild your home under today’s market conditions.

Do I need homeowners insurance?

Legally, you might not need it. But if you have a mortgage, your lender almost definitely requires it.

What’s the difference between DP1 and DP3?

DP1 and DP3 are both dwelling property insurance policies that protect homeowners. However, a DP3 policy provides broader coverage because it insures your dwelling on an open perils basis.

What’s the difference between DP3 and HO3?

Both DP3 and HO3 can cover your dwelling and other structures on your property. However, a DP3 can cover some risks an HO3 policy can’t.

How does Kin compare to Citizens?

Get a quote to see for yourself.

What is trust-owned home insurance?

Trust-owned homes are eligible for coverage from Kin. Get a quote today.

Does homeowners insurance cover solar panels?

Yes, homeowners insurance covers solar panels – and good thing, too! They're an investment worth protecting.

Condo vs. homeowners insurance: What’s the difference?

Your condo association may cover many of the risks that a homeowner would otherwise need insurance for.

What is a fortified roof endorsement?

A fortified roof endorsement is an amendment to your homeowners insurance policy. Getting one can help you cover the cost of upgrading your roof to the IBHS FORTIFIED Roof™ standard after a covered loss.

How much homeowners insurance do I need?

Find out what limits to choose for each part of your policy.

Is home insurance required by law?

Homeowners insurance is not required by law in any state, but mortgage companies usually insist you get a policy.

Cost questions

What impacts my home insurance premium?

The factors that impact your home insurance premium can vary, but these nine are pretty common.

What are the most common home insurance discounts?

Some of the most common home insurance discounts include lower premiums for installing fire and security alarms. 

How can I lower my premium?

No one wants to pay more for insurance than they have to. Make sure you're taking advantage of opportunities to save on your coverage.

Application questions

What’s a reciprocal insurance company?

A reciprocal insurance exchange is one way to structure an insurance company. In a reciprocal setup like Kin's, the carrier is owned by policyholders, but managed by a separate entity.

What documents do you need to get home insurance?

The information you need to get a policy can vary by provider, but most want either proof of insurance or your closing disclosure.

How can I tell if I live in a secured community?

A number of communities qualify as secured communities: those with a guard at the gate, a keycard gate, a stationed guard in the area, or a single entry.

What is a centrally monitored alarm system?

Find out how to qualify for a security system insurance discount.

Do you need an inspection for homeowners insurance?

Inspections are required for some homes, but others can help you reduce your insurance premiums.

What should I look for in a self-inspection?

A home self-inspection formally documents your home’s current condition.

What’s a windstorm mitigation inspection?

A windstorm mitigation inspection shows how wind resistant your home is. It can save you big money on your home insurance.

Why was my policy canceled after binding?

State laws often allow insurance companies to review policies after they’ve been bound. The results of this review can result in cancellation if the insurer determines that the risk doesn’t meet its underwriting criteria.

Policy questions

How do insurance premium refunds work?

We think everything about home insurance should be easy – including refunds.

What is a surplus contribution?

A surplus contribution is a small fee that goes toward maintaining an insurance company’s ability to pay claims.

What are installment fees?

An installment fee is a small service charge that covers the cost of processing additional premium payments.

What home insurance fees does Kin charge?

Depending on where you live, you may see the following fees: EMPA, FIGA, installment fees, inspection fees, and surplus contributions.

How does Kin handle the death of a customer?

We can help you figure out next steps, whether that means rewriting the policy or closing it out.

What is an option to repair provision?

An option to repair (OTR) provision, if invoked, puts the responsibility for home repairs in the hands of the insurance company, rather than the policyholder.

Claims questions

How can I avoid contractor fraud?

Find out how to avoid opportunists after a major disaster.

How long do home insurance claims stay on your record?

Typically claims stay on your CLUE report for five to seven years.

What is an insurance loss inspection?

For some claims, we may send a claims specialist to evaluate and inspect your damages. This is called a loss inspection, and it’s a completely typical part of the claims process.

How do I prevent claims?

Learn how to protect your home and yourself from the five most common home insurance claims.

How do I file a home insurance claim?

Contact us as soon as you experience a loss you think your policy would cover. You can submit your claim online at our Claims Center or by calling 866-204-2219.

What is a catastrophe claim?

Our claims process is designed to help you recover from disasters big and small, whether that’s a hurricane, flood, or wildfire, or a leaky pipe.

How are homeowners insurance claims paid? | Kin Insurance

Find out how homeowners insurance claims are paid and how your coverage and deductible impact your final payout

What happens if you don’t use insurance money for repairs?

Using insurance money from a claim for something other than repairs could result in your homeowners policy being nonrenewed.

When should I file a home insurance claim?

Knowing when to file a home insurance claim can help you use your coverage more strategically – and keep your rates low.

How does Kin use aerial imagery?

We use aerial imagery to make it easier for homeowners to get insured and to speed up our claims processing.

Homeownership questions

What is a home inventory?

A home inventory is an up-to-date record of your possessions that can help you get claims settled quickly and accurately.

What are the benefits of homeownership?

Homeownership is the epitome of the American dream, and your home is likely to be the most significant purchase you’ll ever make. If you purchase wisely, the equity growth of your home could lead to financial security.

What are the tax benefits of owning a home?

Nobody loves tax season, but it's a yearly reminder that homeownership has its perks.

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