Signature Coverage Collection

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An extraordinary home needs exceptional coverage, and that’s what our Signature Coverage Collection provides. It’s designed to protect your high-value home and its contents with an array of exclusive policy options to keep you and your property safe.

Why the Signature Coverage Collection might be for you

Owning a luxury home can make it surprisingly difficult to get adequate homeowners insurance. The potential cost of rebuilding means a standard policy simply doesn’t fit.

That’s why we created the Signature Coverage Collection for our members with high-value homes in Florida, Virginia, Texas, and Mississippi. Choosing our Signature Coverage Collection gives you the additional coverage your unique home needs.

Let’s start with the basics. First, like any insurance policy that provides coverage for where you’re living, your base policy from Kin includes protection for your:

Investing in our Signature Coverage Collection covers your dwelling with extended replacement cost coverage. This gives you additional funds to repair or rebuild if you exceed your policy limits during a claim.

The Signature Coverage Collection endorsement also better protects your possessions by providing higher sublimits for much of your personal property and insuring them for their replacement costs.

 Moreover, this high-value home endorsement provides you with coverage for:

  • Identity theft expenses.

  • Lock and garage door transmitter replacement.

  • Credit card loss.

  • Data replacement.

  • Fungi and mold damage.

  • Updating your home to meet current codes (aka “law or ordinance coverage”).

  • Rewards you pay for information leading to the return of stolen property.

  • Expenses related to the kidnapping of the insured.

  • Damage caused by domestic animals.

  • Losses caused by the collapse of an underground mine.

  • Costs associated with minimizing your risk for further losses after a covered claim.

The Signature Coverage Collection also increases the amount of coverage provided by your policy for the following:

  • Loss assessment coverage.

  • Water backup and sump overflow.

  • Debris removal.

  • Fire and police department service charges.

  • Trees, plants, shrubs, lawns, or vegetation.

  • Credit card, forgery, and counterfeit money.

  • Refrigerated food.

  • Civil authority coverage.

  • Liability for damage to property of others.

  • Loss settlement cash out option.

You can get more details about our Signature Coverage Collection by calling 855-717-0022 or entering your address for a quote now.

Extra protections in the Signature Coverage Collection

Your personal property also enjoys more coverage when you choose our Signature Coverage Collection. We automatically provide you with higher limits for many of your valuables, including:

  • Money and securities.

  • Jewelry, furs, watches, and precious stones.

  • Watercraft and trailers.

  • Business property both on and off premises.

  • Art and collectibles.

  • Firearms.

  • Bicycles.

  • Silverware.

  • Electronic equipment.

Our Signature Coverage Collection may be the home insurance you’re looking for. Enter your address now for a quote.

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