Home Insurance Coverage Questions

Do I Need Homeowners Insurance?
If you have a mortgage, home insurance is usually required.

Does Home Insurance Cover Tenants?
You need some additions to a standard homeowners insurance policy if you want to cover tenants.

How Is Condo Insurance Different from Homeowners Insurance?
Condos have different insurance requirements than single-family homes.

Why Is My Replacement Cost Different Than My Home Purchase Price?
Sometimes your home may be insured for more or less than the purchase price. 

Why Are Some Dog Breeds Restricted?
All dogs are good dogs, but some are considered higher risk for injury or bites.

What Is an EMPA Fee?
This fee applies to all Florida homeowners insurance policies.

What Are Installment Fees?
This is a small service charge to cover the cost of processing additional premium payments, usually on a quarterly or monthly basis.

Can Kin Insure Trust-Owned Homes?
Yes, and we don't cut corners on coverage. We make sure your home insurance covers residents of the home, personal property, personal liability, and more.


Cost Questions

How Much Does Homeowners Insurance Cost?
Don't spend more than you have to. Learn about the cost of home insurance here.

What Impacts My Home Insurance Premium?
Find out which factors have the biggest impact on the cost of your policy.

How Can I Reduce My Home Insurance Premium?
Maximize your protection and minimize your costs. These saving tips can help.

What Discounts Does Kin Offer?
Learn about the most common home insurance discounts and the ones we specifically offer.


Application Questions

What Information Do I Need to Get Home Insurance?
Depending on your situation and location, you may need proof of prior insurance, alarm certificates, and a wind mitigation report to get insured.

What's a Windstorm Mitigation Inspection?
A wind mitigation inspection tells insurers how resistant your home is to wind-related damage. It can save you big money on your home insurance in Florida.

How Long Do Homeowners Insurance Claims Stay on Your Record?
Claims stay on your CLUE report for five to seven years.

What Should I Look for When Doing a Home Inspection?
For self inspections, you'll need to take photos of your home's exterior, HVAC systems, pool, electrical panel, water heater, and plumbing.

What Is the Responsible Repair Discount?
Kin's Responsible Repair Discount rewards homeowners who decline to hand over their claim benefits to a vendor. 

What Is a Centrally Monitored Alarm System?
This is a burglar or fire alarm that is monitored off-site. These alarms qualify for premium discounts from Kin.

What Is a Secured Community?
This is a residential area where access to the property is limited or monitored. Homes in these communities qualify for a premium discount.

What Is a Reciprocal Insurance Exchange?
A reciprocal insurance exchange is one way to structure an insurance company. In the reciprocal setup, the carrier is owned by policyholders but managed by a separate entity.

What Should I Do If I Got a Cancellation Notice from Velocity?
First step: don't panic. We are working hard to seamlessly transfer your coverage with just your signature.

How Does Kin Compare to Citizens Property Insurance?
Learn about Citizens surcharges and what they really mean for the price of your policy.

Why Does My Insurance Score Matter?
Your insurance score tells an insurer about your credit history and more.

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Claims Questions

How Do I File a Claim?
Contact us as soon as you experience a loss you think your policy would cover. We'll guide you through the next steps.

What Are My Rights during a Claim?
If you're in Florida, you're entitled to an acknowledgement of your claim within 14 days, claims updates within 30 days, and a payment for approved claims within 90 days.

How Are Homeowners Insurance Claims Paid?
Every state has different timelines for claims payments, but the settlement process generally tends to follow these basic steps.

What Is the Managed Repair Network?
If you have this endorsement, we automatically connect you with licensed, insured, local contractors to handle your covered repairs.

How Do I Prevent Home Insurance Claims?
Protecting your home and mitigating your risk is the best way to prevent (or at least minimize the severity of) claims. Learn some best practices here.


Homeownership Questions

What Should I Know about Homeownership?
Owning a home comes with a lot of benefits and a lot of responsibilities. 

What Are the Tax Benefits of Owning a Home?
Nobody loves tax season, but it's a yearly reminder that homeownership has its perks.

What Is a Home Inventory?
This is an up-to-date record of your belongings. It's invaluable when you need to file a claim.

How Do I Keep My Home Safe?
This checklist can help you mitigate risks around your home.

What Maintenance Does My Home Need?
This guide can help you keep your home maintained year round.