Home Insurance FAQs

Get answers to your home insurance questions below. 

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What should you know about homeownership? Homeownership has a lot of benefits. Find out what they are, and what to think about as you're looking at the big purchase.

What does home insurance cover? Different policies cover different things. Find out what a typical policy covers, and what the most common gaps are. Knowing what's not covered by your home insurance can help you get a truly comprehensive policy.

Do you need home insurance? Some people do not need home insurance, it's true. However, if you're taking out a mortgage, it's probably required.

What impacts your home insurance premium? A lot of factors can impact your homeowners insurance premium, many of them out of your control. When you quote with Kin, you don't need to worry about what is going on behind the agent’s computer. You can see the premium adjust in real time based on the coverages you select.

How can you lower your home insurance premium? Some ways to reduce your home insurance costs are smarter than others. Check out the best way to save while protecting your home. 

What is windstorm mitigation? It sounds intimidating, but a couple simple steps can drastically reduce your home insurance premium, particularly if you're in an area prone to hurricanes or tornados. 

What is a centrally monitored alarm system? This is a burglar or fire alarm that is monitored off site by the alarm company. These types of alarms qualify for insurance discounts from Kin.

What is a secured community? This is a residential area where access to the area is limited or where entrances are monitored. These communities qualify for insurance discounts from Kin.

What is a home inventory? For personal property coverage, it's helpful to have a home inventory. Learn about the benefits, and some strategies for keeping it updated. 

What's the difference between replacement cost and home purchase price? It may be jarring to see that your home is insured for more than the purchase price in some instances, but there are several good reasons.

Are my tenants covered? If you have tenants in your home, you'll need to make some additions to a standard homeowners insurance policy if you want to cover them.

How is condo insurance different? Insuring a condo has its own particulars. Learn about the key differences between condos and single-family homes.

What dogs are on the restricted breeds list? All dogs are good dogs, but some breeds make it trickier to find homeowners insurance.

What are the tax benefits of homeownership? Owning a home can make tax season a little more bearable.