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Learn how to find affordable homeowners insurance in Anaheim.

Finding Homeowners Insurance in Anaheim, California

There’s a lot more to Anaheim than Disneyland. The city of nearly 350,000 enjoys Mediterranean-like weather and an abundance of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks in addition to some of the best theme parks in the world. It’s also one of the safest cities in America.

While the sunshine suits the Happiest Place on Earth, Anaheim’s position between two major fault lines makes earthquakes a real risk. But homeowners can still find California homeowners insurance that can handle whatever comes their way. Learn how much Anaheim home insurance costs, what it covers, and how to get coverage for the city’s biggest risks.

Anaheim Home Insurance Costs

Anaheim home insurance costs $1,640 a year on average with Kin. That’s 14 percent cheaper than Allstate at $1,873 a year and 4 percent cheaper than Travelers at $1,707 a year average.

Average Anaheim Home Insurance Premiums by Company

Kin Allstate Travelers
$1,640 $1,873 $1,707

Of course, the only way to know how much your homeowners insurance will cost is to get a quote. A lot of factors impact your premium: your home’s exact location and replacement cost, the safety features you have, your claims history, the coverage limits you choose, and more.

What Anaheim Home Insurance Covers

Every homeowners insurance policy (HO3 policy) from Kin offers this essential coverage:

  • Replacement cost dwelling coverage: Covers damage to your home (think: roof, exterior and interior walls, foundation, and more) so you can rebuild or repair it.
  • Other structures coverage: Pays to repair or replace garages, sheds, fences, and other detached structures on your property.
  • Personal property coverage: Pays to replace or repair your personal belongings if they are damaged, destroyed, or stolen.
  • Loss of use coverage: Pays for your additional living expenses if a covered claim keeps you from living in your home temporarily.
  • Personal liability coverage: Covers your legal fees and settlement costs if you’re sued over someone’s bodily injuries or property damage.
  • Medical payments coverage: Covers the costs of small medical bills for guests who get injured while visiting you.

You can also add endorsements (mini insurance policies) to customize your policy. For example, you can add on golf cart coverage if you’re an avid golfer.

Anaheim’s Biggest Risks

Homeowners insurance typically covers fire, theft, windstorm damage, and internal water damage (from a leaking appliance or burst pipe). Make sure you have enough coverage for your belongings – in Anaheim nearly 25 out of every 1,000 residents are targeted for a property crime. You also need to be ready for natural disasters.

Anaheim Wildfire Coverage

Anaheim doesn’t have a lot of open space, but it’s adjacent to Orange County whose open space is ripe for wildfires. Anaheim residents should be prepared for potential smoke damage to their homes if fires get too close.

Kin policies include wildfire insurance at no additional cost to help you rebuild your home and replace your belongings if there’s damage from smoke or fire.

Anaheim Flood Insurance

The Santa Ana River can cause flooding in Anaheim communities. Even though the state is experiencing a major drought, thunderstorms can drop enough water to create flood conditions in parts of the city. Your homeowners insurance doesn’t cover water damage from rising waters or storm surges. You’ll need flood insurance for that.

Earthquake Coverage in Anaheim

In 2019, a 7.1 earthquake in neighboring Kern County reminded Anaheim homeowners that a big shaker can strike at any time. Anaheim is situated between two major, active fault zones: the Newport-Inglewood Fault Zone to the southwest and the Whittier-Elsinore Fault Zone to the northeast.

While earthquake insurance doesn’t come standard with your homeowners insurance, you can add on this essential coverage. It protects your home, other structures, and personal belongings if they’re damaged by earth movement. It also offers additional coverages, like debris removal and building code upgrades, so you can rebuild after a big quake.

Tips for Lower Anaheim Home Insurance Costs

In addition to already offering some of the lowest home insurance rates in Anaheim, we help you save even more with easy home insurance discounts for:

  • Smart home safety and security devices.
  • Secure communities.
  • Electronic policies.
  • Ember resistant venting.
  • Annual brush removal contract.
  • LEED-certified homes.
  • New homebuyers.

You can also adjust your deductibles to drive costs lower still. The higher your deductible, the lower your premium. Just remember that you will be responsible for your deductible amount when you file a claim.

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