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Tallahassee sits in the middle of the Florida Panhandle, and perhaps it’s best known for its great outdoors and wildlife refuge. Residents here can make a quick trip to the edge of the city to see migratory birds during the winter months.

It’s also home to more than 50 mobile home parks, many of which sit along the Gulf of Mexico and need reliable insurance to address the risk of hurricanes and floods.

If you’re looking for affordable Florida mobile home insurance, you’ve come to the right place. Our policyholders in Tallahassee pay an average of $1,082 a year for their coverage. Learn more about what mobile home insurance covers and what it costs below.

Tallahassee Mobile Home Insurance Costs

The reason mobile home insurance is usually so expensive in Florida is because insurers tend to price it the same no matter where your home is or what its risks really look like.

We don’t think it should work that way. We rate our Tallahassee mobile home insurance policies dynamically so you pay for your risks, not someone else’s. That means Tallahassee mobile home owners enjoy lower average premiums than our average for the state of Florida.

You can see how our average statewide costs compare to other mobile home insurers. We work hard to keep prices low.

Average Florida Mobile Home Insurance Premiums by Carrier

Kin American Integrity American Traditions
$1,110 $1,379 $1,258

While average premiums give you an idea of what you might pay for coverage, your costs depend on your mobile home’s size, construction, and age. Your claims history also plays a role.

The best way to know what you’ll pay? Apply for a quote.

Average Cost by Counties

Location can have a big impact on what you pay for mobile home insurance. As you might’ve guessed, those who live closer to the shorelines and have greater hurricane exposure often pay a little more for their coverage. You can get an idea of how prices vary from county to county in the chart below.

Average Kin Mobile Home Insurance Premiums by County

County Average Yearly Premium
Leon $1,082
Dade $2,422
Manatee $1,100
Sarasota $1,202

To be eligible for affordable coverage, most Tallahassee mobile homes must:

  • Have anchor tie downs that adhere with city codes.
  • Have a fully enclosed foundation or be skirted.
  • Have handrails installed wherever there are three or more steps.
  • Be well maintained (trimmed brush, etc.).

What Tallahassee Mobile Home Insurance Covers

While most mobile home insurance policies don’t offer replacement cost coverage for your dwelling, our policies do. That’s because we believe you should have coverage that helps you get back on your feet after a catastrophic loss.

Every Kin policy includes these essential coverages:

  • Replacement cost dwelling coverage: This ensures you can buy a new home of similar quality after a total loss. It also helps pay to repair your home with new, similar materials after a covered claim.
  • Other structures coverage: This helps to replace or rebuild other structures on your property, such as a shed or a carport.
  • Personal property coverage: This pays to repair or replace your damaged or lost property, such as clothing, appliances, and more.
  • Loss of use coverage: When a covered claim forces you to temporarily relocate, this can help pay for additional living expenses, such as hotel stays, dining out, and more.
  • Personal liability coverage: If someone sues you over property damage or bodily injuries that happen on your property, this can help cover your legal expenses.
  • Medical payments coverage: When a visitor has a small injury on your property, this can help cover their ambulance ride and office visit.

You can also customize your policy with endorsements.

For example, your policy can already cover a lot of perils – or events that cause damage and trigger your policy’s coverage. Theft, fire, and vandalism are all examples of covered perils.

Our policies also include hurricane coverage. As you might’ve seen with Hurricane Michael in 2018, Tallahassee is not immune to direct hurricane hits.

But flood insurance does not come standard with any policy. It must be added on. That’s why we offer an easy flood insurance endorsement. It gives you more coverage than National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) policies and offers essential flood protection.

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Tips for Lowering Tallahassee Mobile Home Insurance Costs

To help Tallahassee mobile homeowners save as much as possible, we offer several discounts:

  • Security device discount.
  • In-park discount.
  • Mature mobile homeowner discount.
  • Primary residence discount.
  • Claims-free discount.
  • Electronic policy discount.

While you can make changes to take advantage of some of these (install security devices or opt for an electronic policy), you can’t quickly change your claims history or where your home is. So another option is to increase your deductible to lower your premium. Just make sure you don’t take on a deductible so high that it prohibits you from filing claims when you need to.

Not sure what deductible makes sense for you? Give us a call at 855-717-0022. We’re happy to help.

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