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Here's your guide to finding affordable mobile home insurance in Sarasota.

Get Mobile Home Insurance in Sarasota, FL

Sarasota is home to the Mote Marine Laboratory, Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, and 40 mobile home parks. For its residents, it’s a city that’s always just a short distance from fun and adventure.

The excitement of living in Sarasota, Florida, is only tempered by its higher risk of hurricanes. Compared to other parts of Florida, mobile home insurance here can be historically pricey.

We’re excited to offer an affordable, reliable solution. Without sparing protection, our mobile home policyholders in Sarasota pay only $1,203 a year on average for their coverage.

Sarasota Mobile Home Insurance Costs

Compared to other states, mobile home insurance in Florida tends to be more expensive. Your cost will vary depending on the size, age, and construction of your mobile home. That said, in Sarasota, FL, our policyholders pay an average of $1,203 a year, slightly above our statewide average of $1,110 a year.

You can get an idea of how our prices compare to our competitors by checking out average statewide premiums below.

Average Florida Mobile Home Insurance Premiums by Carrier

Kin American Integrity American Traditions
$1,110 $1,379 $1,258

Your mobile home insurance rate depends on several factors, but you’ll typically get the best prices if your home:

  • Has anchor ties that meet city codes.
  • Has a fully enclosed foundation or skirt.
  • Has handrails where there are three or more steps.
  • Is your primary residence.
  • Is well maintained.

The best way to know what you’ll pay for your coverage is to apply for a quote. The costs above are meant to be illustrative only.

Average Cost by Counties

Perhaps nothing impacts the cost of your mobile home policy more than your location. Proximity to the coast also says a lot about your hurricane and flood risk. As you might imagine, the higher your risk, the more you may pay for your insurance.

To illustrate how location impacts premiums, take a look at the average mobile home insurance rates for the following Florida counties.

Average Kin Mobile Home Insurance Premiums by County

County Average Yearly Premium
Sarasota $1,203
Dade $2,422
Martin $1,722
Walton $1,259

What Sarasota Mobile Home Insurance Covers

Most Florida mobile home insurers will charge you a fortune and underinsure your home. We don’t think it should work that way. We price our policies based on your home’s risks, not the entire state. We also offer replacement cost coverage for your dwelling so you can buy a new home after a total covered loss.

Your Kin policy offer the following coverages:

Your Sarasota mobile home policy can cover loss or damage caused by fire, theft, and wind damage. That includes hurricane winds – all our policies offer hurricane coverage.

We can also customize your policy with additional endorsements, such as flood insurance. We designed our flood coverage to be a more robust and affordable alternative to National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) policies. It offers more protection at a lower price.

Mobile home insurance guides

Tips for Keeping Sarasota Mobile Home Insurance Affordable

Sarasota mobile homeowners are often eligible for many of our discounts, such as:

  • Security device discount.
  • In-park discount.
  • Mature mobile homeowner discount.
  • Primary residence discount.
  • Claims-free discount.
  • Electronic policy discount.

Another way to keep costs low? When possible, pay for small losses out-of-pocket and bypass an insurance claim to prevent rate increases. You can also opt to take on a higher deductible. Just make sure it’s a manageable amount – you don’t want your deductible to be so high that you can’t draw on your coverage when you need to.

If you have any questions about getting mobile home insurance in Sarasota, call us at 855-717-0022.

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