Mobile home insurance in Tampa

Here's your guide to finding affordable mobile home insurance in Tampa.

Tampa is the third-largest city in Florida and home to 175 mobile home parks. With miles of beach along Tampa Bay and an average of 246 days of sunshine, it’s not surprising so many folks want to lay down roots here.

But even in a sunny city like Tampa, hurricanes are still a reality that make finding affordable mobile home insurance difficult. Luckily, Kin policyholders only pay an average of $1,020 a year for mobile home insurance in Tampa.

How to get mobile home insurance in Tampa

Getting insurance for your mobile home is a simple process that starts with requesting a quote. Our system makes this even easier by walking you through the questions necessary for Kin to provide an accurate, cost-saving quote. Get a quote now!

How much is mobile home insurance in Tampa?

Mobile home insurance in Florida has a reputation for being expensive and complicated. That’s partly because mobile homes are more susceptible to damage from several kinds of perils, including:

  • Wind.

  • Fire.

  • Theft.

  • Hail.

 why we set out to change things. We price your policy based on your actual risk, not your neighbor’s. The result? Our Tampa policyholders tend to pay less for their coverage.

However, those risks aren’t the only issues we consider when determining your premium. We also assess other characteristics, like your mobile home’s size, age, and construction.

Some of the best rates for mobile home insurance go to owners who:

  • Use anchor ties that meet city codes.

  • Have a fully enclosed foundation or skirt.

  • Install handrails anywhere with three or more steps.

  • Keep their facade and property maintained.

The best way to find out how much you’ll pay is to get a quote. When you apply for a quote online, we’ll walk you through available discounts to make sure you get the best possible price for your coverage. 

What mobile home insurance covers

Though many mobile home insurance policies don’t offer replacement cost coverage for the dwelling, ours do. When shopping for coverage, make sure you look for a policy that offers this essential protection:

Your mobile home policy covers damage or loss from fire, wind, vandalism, theft, and more. It’s important to understand how your policy addresses natural disasters, too.

Hurricane insurance, included in all Kin policies, pays for damage caused by intense hurricane winds. Deductibles for hurricane insurance start as low as $500.

Floods that accompany hurricanes often call for their own coverage: flood insurance. You can easily (and affordably) add it as an endorsement to your Kin policy.

We can also help you customize your policy with additional endorsements.

Tips for keeping mobile home insurance affordable

Our goal is to help homeowners save wherever possible. We offer the following discounts for Tampa mobile home insurance:

  • Security device discount.
  • In-park discount.
  • Mature mobile homeowner discount.
  • Primary residence discount.
  • Claims-free discount.
  • Electronic policy discount.

Having a clean claims history is one of the best ways to keep mobile home insurance costs down. If you are able to pay for small losses out-of-pocket without filing a claim, you can prevent pesky rate increases.

If you have any questions about getting insured in Tampa, call us at 855-717-0022.

Kin also offers coverage for traditionally built homes throughout the sunshine state. Learn more about homeowners insurance in Tampa, or the state of Florida.

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