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The community Hialeah is a striking combination of history and modern amenities. If you want to experience quintessential Florida, with plenty of flamingoes and the oldest continuously operating turf horse racing track in the US, then Hialeah is the place for you.

Many people find the simplicity and ease of life as a mobile home owner in Hialeah to be the perfect way to enjoy all that the city offers. And one of the best ways to make sure you keep that sense of serenity is to get mobile home insurance to help pay for damages to your mobile home after an unexpected event. 

Do you need insurance on a mobile home in Hialeah? 

While mobile home insurance may not be required by law, you certainly need it. Your mobile home was likely a major investment and is your greatest asset. You want to protect it, no matter what. 

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What’s more, most mortgage companies and many mobile home parks require mobile home insurance. With two exceptions, it’s illegal to place, use, or store your mobile home outside of an approved mobile home park in Miami-Dade County, so one way or another, you’re likely going to need insurance coverage. 

Why is mobile home insurance a good idea? 

You already know that your mobile home is a big investment. That alone makes insuring it a good idea. But manufactured homes in Hialeah face risks that make insurance essential. 

The town receives an average of 70 inches of rain yearly. Atlantic hurricane season, which runs June through November each year, is also a significant concern. Taken together, Hialeah mobile home owners face extreme wind risk and major flood risk.

Weather isn’t the only factor that can wreak havoc on your mobile home. You also have to protect your home from damage caused by theft and vandalism. These and other property crimes happen more often in Hialeah than they do in other communities.

Important note for Florida mobile home owners: State law requires insurers to replace mobile homes after a total loss; however, the owner must give the insurer the title to the home. The insurer then must present the destroyed home’s title to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

How much is mobile home insurance in Hialeah?

Mobile home insurance in Florida can cost anywhere from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars per year. In Hialeah, your mobile home insurance premiums may lean towards the higher end because of the risks for your area.

However, the risks that come with living in your town aren’t the only factors we consider when rating your mobile home. Others include:

  • Your home’s age, condition, and size.

  • The coverage limits you need.

  • The deductibles you choose.

  • Your prior claims history.

By considering these and other factors, we work to give you a premium that’s based on the actual risk for your mobile home, not the risk in your county. 

How to get the best rates on mobile home insurance

Your coverage and the deductibles you choose play a major role in how much your mobile home insurance costs. Lower coverage limits or higher deductibles brings down your annual premium.

However, you need to be thoughtful about the amounts you choose. Less coverage may be a problem if you end up not being able to repair or replace your home. Similarly, a high deductible may be difficult to cover if you do have a total loss. 

Another way to keep mobile home insurance costs down is to ask about discounts. In Florida, our member earn discounts for:

  • Installing fire and security devices.

  • Mitigating their wind risk.

  • Living in a mobile home park.

Not everyone who joins Kin save money, but mobile home owners report annual average savings of more than $500* on their insurance. 

Eligibility requirements for Kin

Want to see if you can save money with Kin? The best way to do that is to get a quote. But before you do, make sure you:

  • Use anchor ties that fully meet city codes.

  • Have properly installed handrails.

  • Reside in the mobile home you own.

  • Maintain your home and surrounding property.

Frequently asked questions about mobile homes

Need to learn more about mobile homes and mobile home insurance? Read our FAQs. 

How to get mobile home insurance Hialeah

Getting mobile home insurance is easy. The first step? Get the following information about your home: 

  • Vehicle identification number on the data plate inside your home

  • Ballpark figure of what your personal property is worth

  • Proof of insurance if you already have coverage

  • Evidence of any safety features

Then either call 855-717-0022 or enter your address to get a quick quote for mobile home insurance today!

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*Mobile home owners who switched to Kin report annual savings of $526 on average. Based on Kin Customer Savings Survey conducted from January 2023 through December 2023. Potential savings may vary.

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