Mobile Home Insurance: Fort Myers, FL

Here's your guide to finding affordable mobile home insurance in Fort Myers.

Finding Mobile Home Insurance in Fort Myers, Florida

Fort Myers, Florida, one of the top places to retire in the US, is also home to 103 mobile home parks, thanks to its sunny weather, outdoor activities, and proximity to gorgeous beaches.

Residents know that living close to the water puts them at high risk for hurricane damage. Though Fort Myers residents are resilient and quick to rebuild after storms, the importance of home insurance as a tool to restore normalcy can’t be overstated.

That’s why we’re proud to offer affordable mobile home coverage. Our policyholders in Fort Myers pay an average of only $1,296 a year.

Fort Myers Mobile Home Insurance Costs

Fort Myers (located in Lee County) faces a higher hurricane risk than some other Florida counties, which impacts its average premiums. The age, construction, and size of your mobile home also impacts your premium, as does your claims history.

The average Kin policyholder in Fort Myers pays $1,296 a year for insurance, just above the our state average of $1,110 a year. You can get an idea of how our rates compare to other Florida mobile home insurers in the chart below. Keep in mind, these are statewide average rates, not just for Fort Myers.

Average Florida Mobile Home Insurance Premiums by Carrier

Kin American Integrity American Traditions
$1,110 $1,379 $1,258

Average Cost by Counties

Perhaps nothing affects mobile home insurance premiums more than location. Where your home is – both within the state of Florida and whether or not it is in a mobile home park – can have a real impact on your cost.

To illustrate that point, take a look at how average policy prices vary from county to county. As you might’ve guessed, the closer you are to the coast, the higher your premiums may be to account for the increased hurricane and flooding risk.

Average Kin Mobile Home Insurance Premiums by County

County Average Yearly Premium
Lee $1,296
Dade $2,422
Martin $1,722
Monroe $2,235

While Lee County is slightly above the state’s average cost, it’s still lower than several other counties where hurricane exposure is higher.

To get the best mobile home insurance rates in Fort Myers, it helps if your home has:

  • Anchor ties that meet city codes.
  • A fully enclosed foundation or skirt.
  • Handrails installed anywhere with three or more steps.
  • A well-maintained facade and property.

While averages give you an idea about home insurance rates, the only way to know for sure what you’ll pay for your coverage is to apply for a quote.

What Fort Myers Mobile Home Insurance Covers

If you have shopped for mobile home insurance before, you’re probably used to overpaying for coverage that underinsures your home.

We’re changing that. Our policies are competitively priced and offer replacement cost coverage for your dwelling. That means when catastrophe strikes, you’ll have the coverage to help pay for a new home after a total covered loss.

Our policies offer the following coverages:

  • Replacement cost dwelling coverage: Pays to replace or repair your mobile home with a similar, new model.
  • Other structures coverage: Covers costs associated with replacing or repairing other structures on your property, such as a fence or shed.
  • Personal property coverage: Pays to replace personal belongings, such as clothing, laptops, televisions, furniture, appliances, and more.
  • Loss of use coverage: Covers additional living expenses when a claim forces you to temporarily relocate.
  • Personal liability coverage: Pays for legal expenses when you’re sued over bodily injuries or property damage that happen on your property.
  • Medical payments coverage: Helps pay for small medical bills associated with visor injuries on your property.

Your policy also includes hurricane insurance to pay for damage caused by hurricane winds.

You can customize your policy with endorsements to further protect your mobile home. For example, our flood endorsement is both affordable and offers essential flood protection for Fort Myers.

Tips for Lowering Fort Myers Mobile Home Insurance Costs

Don’t pay more for your coverage than you have to. We’ll help you get as many discounts as you qualify for, such as:

  • Security device discount.
  • In-park discount.
  • Mature mobile homeowner discount.
  • Primary residence discount.
  • Claims-free discount.
  • Electronic policy discount.

You can also keep your rates manageable by only filing bigger claims when you need to and handling smaller losses on your own. As a general rule, if the loss is lower than your deductible, that’s a repair that should probably be handled outside of insurance.

You can also lower your premium by taking on a higher deductible. But as we mentioned above, your insurance should only help pay for losses greater than your deductible. So a word of caution: don’t take on a deductible so high that it prevents you from reasonably using your coverage when you need it.

Have any questions about getting insured in Fort Myers? Call us at 855-717-0022.

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