Flood Insurance in Gadsden County, Florida

Learn how to find affordable flood insurance in Gadsden County.

How to Find Flood Insurance in Gadsden County, Florida

Gadsden County sits in the Florida panhandle near Tallahassee, the state's ninth-largest city. When visiting Gadsden County, you'll find Victorian architecture, a passionate arts scene, and plenty of opportunities for recreational activities at places like Lake Talquin.

Even though Gadsden County has less flood exposure than its coastal peers, 20 to 25 percent of flood claims happen outside of high-risk flood zones. In fact, floods recently shut down major roads across Gadsden, with one resident noting, “It was like a river.” Many folks have faced damage to their homes and had to replace their cars.

It’s a good reminder that flood insurance is for everyone. And while we can't control Florida weather, we can help you pay a lower rate for flood insurance. You can get a sense of how competitive our prices are for your region by comparing it to other Florida counties below.

Average Kin Flood Insurance Premiums by Florida County

Gadsden County Hardee County Madison County Levy County
$131 $121 $119 $713

Whereas you’d have to buy a separate flood policy from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and wait 30 days for it to take effect, you can add on our flood coverage to your Kin homeowners policy as an endorsement. It’s effective immediately.

Gadsden County Flood Insurance Costs

Florida may be known as the Sunshine State, but its weather doesn't always live up to its name. Florida has a higher risk of flooding than any other state and experiences 54 inches of rainfall each year, which drives up Florida flood insurance costs.

We developed our coverage to be more competitive than the NFIP for up to 70 percent of Florida. On average, Gadsden County flood insurance costs $131 with Kin versus $436 a year with the NFIP.

Kin vs. NFIP Average Flood Insurance Premiums

Kin Average Premium for Florida NFIP Average Premium for Florida Kin Average Premium for Gadsden County NFIP Average Premium for Gadsden County
$225 $563 $131 $436

Keep in mind that these costs may vary based on your home’s exact location and your safety features. The only way to know for sure what you’ll pay for flood insurance is to contact us for a quote.

In addition to lower premiums, purchasing flood coverage directly through Kin allows you to:

  • Pay one home and flood insurance deductible.
  • Pay one annual premium for home and flood insurance.
  • Work with one provider for flood and hurricane claims.
  • Skip the elevation certificates.
  • Match your flood limits to your dwelling coverage limits.

Your home's flood zone impacts how much you pay for flood insurance, so let’s take a look at FEMA’s flood map for the area.

Flood Zones in Gadsden County, Florida

The FEMA flood zone map for Gadsden County shows the area's rivers pose risks for flooding. Nearly all of the high-risk flood areas in Gadsden County exist in and around the area's rivers. There are two high-risk flood zones in Gadsden County:

  • Flood zone A.
  • Flood zone AE.

A and AE flood zones have a one percent annual chance of flooding and a 26 percent chance of flooding during a 30-year mortgage period. An A flood zone has a 100-year floodplain with no determinable base flood elevation (BFE), while AE zones have a 100-year floodplain with determinable BFEs.

BFE is the height to which a flood is expected to rise during a base flood. A base flood, also called a 100-year flood, is a flood that has a one percent chance of exceeding base elevation in any given year.

What Does Gadsden County Flood Insurance Cover?

Flood insurance pays for repairs and replacements when floods, groundwater seepage, or broken water mains damage your home, belongings, or other structures. It insures your property up to the limits of your homeowners policy.

It doesn't cover:

  • Boathouses or anything boats are attached to.
  • Fences and retaining walls.
  • Sea walls.
  • Hot tubs, pool, and pool equipment.
  • Landscaping.
  • Decks.
  • Septic systems.
  • Moisture or mold/mildew damage that could’ve been prevented.
  • Additional living expenses when a flood makes the home uninhabitable.
  • Cars and other vehicles.
  • Earthquakes and earth movements caused by floods.

Reducing Your Flood Exposure in Gadsden County

Check out Flood Factor to get a sense of your home’s flood risk.Reports on Flood Factor reflect:

  • Your home’s current risks.
  • Whether flood risks are rising due to environmental changes.
  • How flood risks are projected to change in the next 30 years.
  • Ways we can protect Florida from flooding.

Just type in your address, ZIP code, or city to get a snapshot of your area’s flood risk. For example, only 8 percent of properties are at risk of flooding in Havana, Florida. That flood risk is projected to increase by 3 percent in the next 30 years.

In addition to brushing up on your home’s exposure, take steps to reduce your own property's risk of flooding. Making your home more flood-resistant can result in lower flood insurance premiums. For example, you might grade your lawn away from your house so water is less likely to pool around your foundation.

It’s also smart to draw up a flood-response plan.

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