Flood Insurance in Clay County, Florida

Learn how to find affordable flood insurance in Clay County.

How to find affordable flood insurance in Clay County, Florida

Clay County is a region in Florida that sits just west of historic St. Augustine and is within the Jacksonville metropolitan area. You'll find plenty of natural beauty when visiting Clay County. The region is known for its scenic locations like the St. Johns River, Black Creek, and Penney Farms.

While Clay County isn't as prone to flooding as its coastal neighbors, the area still has several regions that pose flood risks. Clay County is known as "one of the most infamous spots for flooding in Northeast Florida," in large part because of its poor drainage. As recently as September 2020, residents saw 38 inches of standing water after heavy rains.

Here's the good news: while the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) used to be the only way to get flood insurance for most Florida homeowners, we now offer our own affordable flood insurance. Read on for more details.

Clay County flood insurance costs

Florida flood insurance has a reputation for being expensive, and for good reason. Because Florida is especially vulnerable to hurricanes and tropical storms, it typically costs more to insure homes in flood-prone areas.

But we’re changing that by offering Clay County homeowners cheaper flood insurance rates than the NFIP. As an added bonus, it’s super convenient: you just add flood coverage to your homeowners' policy. That means you pay just one premium and have one deductible for both home and flood insurance. No separate policies; no separate companies.

So how do our rates compare to the NFIP? In Clay County, our flood insurance costs $128 a year on average – that’s $349 cheaper than the NFIP’s average of $477.

Kin vs. NFIP average flood insurance premiums

Kin average premium for Florida NFIP average premium for Florida Kin average premium for Clay County NFIP average premium for Clay County
$225 $563 $128 $477

Remember, your rates vary depending on where you live. The best way to see how much you can save on flood insurance? Contact us for a quote!

Clay County flood zones

Your home’s flood zone has a big influence on how much you pay for flood insurance. Here's a list of the primary flood zones in Clay County:

The areas of Clay County that border St. Johns River have the highest risk of flooding. For example, 31 percent of properties in Fleming Island are at risk for floods. But even in inland regions like Stark, Florida, 15 percent of properties are at risk.

While there is a decent amount of low to moderate-risk flood zones in Clay County, there are enough high-risk areas to make flood insurance an important asset for residents here.

What Clay County flood insurance covers

Clay County residents can use flood insurance to replace or repair:

  • Personal property.
  • High-value items.
  • Carpeting and window treatments.
  • Household appliances.
  • Detached garages.
  • Electrical, heating, cooling, and plumbing systems.
  • And more.

Flood insurance can cover water damage from storm surges during a hurricane or prolonged rainfall. It can also cover damage from a broken water main. Our flood coverage insures your home, other structures, and personal property for their replacement cost up to the limits of your homeowners' policy.

Tips to reduce Clay County flood risk

To make your home less prone to flood damage:

  • Learn about your flood risk.
  • Make a plan for what to do when heavy rain begins.
  • Keep belongings out of the basement or crawlspaces that can easily flood.

Get familiar with your area’s FEMA flood hazard map for a visual representation of your flood zone. You can also look up your address on Risk Factor to get your home’s flood score. It also shows you how many properties in your area are at risk. Share it with your neighbors!

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