Flood Insurance in DeSoto County, Florida

Learn how to find affordable flood insurance in DeSoto County.

Find affordable flood insurance in DeSoto County, Florida

DeSoto County, Florida, is home to more than 38,000 people. It’s known for its shopping, rodeo events, and nature with attractions like the Peace River. The historic district is rich with old buildings repurposed for retail and restaurants, and the Peace River is the perfect spot for kayaking and exploring the wild wonders in this part of Florida.

But like most of Florida, DeSoto County’s proximity to water makes it a target for floods. If you’re a Florida resident, chances are you know someone who has flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program. But we’re here to offer a more affordable option.

Flood insurance costs

Instead of buying a separate flood insurance policy through the NFIP, you can add on Kin’s flood coverage to your home insurance policy. It not only saves you money, but it’s also more convenient. Instead of juggling multiple policies, premiums, and deductibles, you can turn to us to service all your home and flood claims. You only pay one premium for your home and flood insurance and your all other peril (AOP) deductible will apply to both flood and home insurance claims.

So how much is flood insurance in DeSoto County? Our average premium is $162 a year – that’s $385 cheaper than the NFIP’s average for this area at $547 a year.

Kin vs. NFIP average flood insurance premiums

Kin average premium, Florida NFIP average premium, Florida Kin average premium, DeSoto County NFIP average premium, DeSoto County
$225 $563 $162 $547

Your flood zone will impact your flood insurance rates, so the best way to know what you’ll pay is to contact us for a quote.

Flood zones in DeSoto County, Florida

Take a look at FEMA’s flood zones in DeSoto County. You’ll notice that a sizable portion of the region is at high risk for flooding. These flood zones are present in DeSoto County:

AE and A flood zones both have a one percent annual chance of flooding and a 26% chance of flooding during a 30-year mortgage. Most of DeSoto County's high-risk flood zones are understandably near the Peace River.

Flood insurance is mandatory in all A flood zones if you have a federally-backed mortgage. That’s because these zones have a high flood risk. But even if you live in a low-risk zone of DeSoto County, flood coverage is worth considering because approximately 25% of all flood claims come from low- to moderate-risk flood areas.

What does DeSoto County flood insurance cover?

Florida flood insurance protects you when your home, belongings, or other structures are damaged in a flood. It can help you replace or repair items for their replacement cost, including:

  • Detached garages.
  • Household appliances.
  • Electrical, cooling, heating, and plumbing systems.
  • Personal property.
  • Foundation, walls, and stairs.
  • Carpeting and window treatments.
  • High-value items.

Flood insurance can cover flood damage from hurricanes, but it can cover other flood scenarios, too. For example, if your sewer backs up or there’s a break in the water main, flood coverage can help out in these situations, too.

Tips to lower DeSoto County flood risk

It's essential to take steps to lower your home's risk of flooding. After all, floods are the most common natural disaster, and they’re only getting more severe thanks to climate change. Lowering your flood risk can keep your flood rates low because it decreases the chance of claims.

Here are some ways you can mitigate your flood risk:

  • Figure out your floodplain and risk of flooding.
  • Move water-sensitive equipment above your home’s base flood elevation (where flood waters are likely to rise).
  • Update your valves.
  • Keep your property in good repair.
  • Contact your county to advocate for flood mitigation measures.
  • Review your homeowners' insurance.

Check out FEMA flood zone maps and sites like Flood Factor to understand your home's past, current, and future risk of flooding. The more you understand your area's risk for flooding, the better prepared you’ll be to protect yourself.

Florida flood insurance by county

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