Flood Insurance in Bay County, Florida

Looking for affordable flood insurance in Bay County?

Bay County, home to Lynn Haven, Panama City, and Panama City Beach, sits on the Gulf of Mexico in the Northwest portion of Florida. With a population over 180,000, the area is growing at a rate twice the national average, and it's easy to see why with all its gorgeous beaches.

But that proximity to the coast makes flood insurance essential for homeowners here. Bay County is susceptible to flooding during hurricanes, prolonged rainfall, or tropical storms. Every year, the area averages 80 thunderstorms.

Because of its flood exposure, Bay County’s average flood insurance costs are $230 a year, a little higher than other Florida counties. You can see how it compares below.

Average Kin flood insurance premiums by Florida county

Bay County Clay County Escambia County Hardee County
$230 $128 $493 $121

If you're looking for a solution to Bay County's susceptibility to flooding, we're here to help.

Bay County flood insurance costs

While the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) used to be the only flood insurance option for most Florida homeowners, you can now add on Kin’s flood coverage directly to your homeowners insurance. There’s no waiting period and we match your flood limits with your homeowners policy limits.

We’ve made our Florida flood coverage available as an endorsement so you:

  • Pay one premium for both home and flood insurance.
  • Get one deductible for both flood and home insurance claims.
  • Get all your service conveniently.

You can see in the chart below that our average flood insurance cost for Bay County is $230 a year, about 151 percent cheaper than the NFIP’s average of $578 for the region.

Kin vs. NFIP average flood insurance premiums

Kin average premium for Florida NFIP average premium for Florida Kin average premium for Bay County NFIP average premium for Bay County
$225 $563 $230 $578

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Bay County flood zones

A look at Bay County’s flood zones (designated by FEMA) can give you a sense of your home’s flood risk. You'll see that a large portion of the map has dark green shading, indicating Flood Zone A. Coastal regions of the Bay County FEMA flood zone map are designated as Flood Zones VE and AE.

Flood Zones A, AE, and VE are Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHAs), or high-risk flood areas. If your home is in any of these regions and you have a federally backed mortgage, you’re required to have flood insurance.

What Bay County flood insurance covers

Flood insurance coverage is vital even when your home isn’t in a high-risk flood zone. Flooding is the most common natural disaster in the United States.

Flood insurance can help pay for repairs when a flood causes damage to:

  • Electrical, heating, cooling, and plumbing systems.
  • Appliances.
  • Carpeting and window treatments.
  • Personal property.
  • Cabinets and paneling.
  • Detached garages and sheds.
  • And more.

Managing flood risk in Baker County

To lower your home’s risk of flooding, take measures to protect your home:

  1. Figure out your floodplain and risk of flooding. Search for your address in FEMA's Flood Map Service Center, and then read about what each flood zone means.
  2. Determine your base flood elevation (BFE). This is how high water is likely to rise into your home during a major flood.
  3. Move your belongings above the level floodwaters are projected to reach.
  4. Update your valves to keep water flowing out of your home.
  5. Keep up on property repairs.

Remember, even proactive risk management doesn’t prevent floods from happening, which is why flood insurance is so important. Call us at 855-717-0022 when you’re ready for a quote.

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