Flood Zone AE

Homes in Flood Zone AE may be close to floodplains, rivers, and lakes or in a low-lying region. 

A person in Flood Zone AE wearing a yellow raincoat stands in ankle-deep water

What is Flood Zone AE?

Flood Zone AE is an area designated as a high-risk flood zone by FEMA because of its proximity to floodplains, rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water.

Flood Zone AE areas have a 1% risk of flooding annually with a 26% risk of flooding over the course of a 30-year mortgage. Homes in Flood Zone AE may be close to floodplains, rivers, and lakes or in a low-lying region. Zone AE is one of the many Special Flood Hazard Areas defined by the FEMA.

Do you need flood insurance in Flood Zone AE?

Yes, homeowners in this flood zone must get flood insurance, and not just because they face a high risk for floods. The area is subject to mandatory purchase requirements, so federally-backed or regulated lenders can only offer mortgages to homeowners who have a policy. Your rate will reflect the risk posed by your specific location (i.e., a home closer to a river is classified differently than a home near a park).

Homes built in Flood Zone AE must meet the following regulations:

  • The lowest level of the home must be at or above the base flood elevation (BFE) or the height floodwaters are expected to rise during a base flood.
  • Enclosed areas below the BFE, like a basement, cannot be used as a living area.
  • All electrical, plumbing, and HVAC equipment must be kept above the BFE.

Recently built homes most likely meet these requirements, but older homes may need to be updated so systems are away from potential flooding. Moreover, flood insurance may not cover personal belongings stored below the BFE, so move any valuable property to a higher level. You also want to get a flood elevation certificate so your insurance agent can properly price their policy and offer any pertinent discounts.

How much does flood insurance cost in Flood Zone AE?

Our flood insurance premiums for Zone AE average $424 a year. Compare that to the National Flood Insurance Program's average premium of $1,025 a year.

Your cost depends on the limits you choose and your home's flood history. Want to know how much your flood coverage will be? Get a quote – it's easy and free!

Flood Zone AE homeowner tips

If you live in Flood Zone AE, having the right flood insurance is only the first part of protecting your home. Preventing a claim is as powerful, if not more powerful, than filing a claim. Here are some flood prevention tips to keep your home and belongings safer from damaging floodwaters.

Maintain your property

Did you know that property maintenance can reduce the chance of flood damage? By clearing gutters and positioning rain spouts so runoff moves away from your home, you reduce your chance of having a home flood. Also, pay attention to where water collects in your yard when it does rain. You may be able to adjust your landscaping to prevent water from pooling near the foundation of your home.

Call the water services department

Flooding is often a community issue rather than a problem with one particular property. As such, your city and county water services departments should have a plan to help reduce and prevent flooding in your area. If you’re seeing streets and parks flooding after a rain, talk to officials about remedies such as improved drainage to make the area safer for all.

Have a plan

You want to have a plan ready so you know what to do if a flood is imminent. This could mean placing sandbags at doorways to direct the flow of water away from the structure or moving belongings to a higher floor or on top of counters.

Floods can also require evacuation, so you need to prepare for that possibility if you live in Flood Zone AE. Put together an emergency kit ready with essentials so that you can leave on a moment’s notice if necessary.

Review your insurance

While flood insurance can’t stop a flood from coming, making sure you have the right amount of coverage can make it easier to deal with the aftermath. If you bought flood insurance when you first bought your home and haven’t looked at it since, you may be underinsured. Go over your policy with your insurance provider and make sure your coverage accounts for any upgrades, renovations, or major purchases,

Traditional homeowners insurance doesn’t cover damages from floods. If you don’t have flood insurance, consider it. If you do have it, make sure the coverages are up to date for your structure and belongings.

Learn more about flood zones

Kin offers flood insurance for homeowners in Florida and Louisiana, with new states being added regularly. 

Is AE a bad flood zone?
AE is the FEMA flood zone designation for areas that are subject to a 1% chance of flooding annually, but where wave heights are less than 3 feet. While AE designated areas aren't the worst flood zones, they do require mandatory flood insurance.

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