Flood insurance: Leon County, Florida

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Flood risks are rising in Florida, and Leon County is no exception. The area contains 35 square miles of wetlands, rivers, streams, and lakes that make much of the county vulnerable to flooding.

Leon’s increasing flood risk makes Florida flood insurance more than just a bonus coverage. It’s an essential﹘and sometimes mandatory!﹘protection for homeowners in the county. Unfortunately, the county’s risk also means coverage can be expensive. Let’s take a look at what flood insurance is, how much it costs, and how you may be able to save by choosing Kin.

What is flood insurance in Leon County, Florida?

Flood insurance is simply a policy that covers damage to your home, other structures on your property, and your personal belongings when it’s caused by external water sources. These perils aren’t usually covered by standard home insurance, so homeowners often buy them from either the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) or a private insurance company like Kin.

Is flood insurance required in Leon County?

You should know that homeowners in Leon County, Florida have to get flood insurance if they live in a Special Flood Hazard Zone and want a federally backed mortgage. However, most areas in Leon County have some flood risk, so getting a policy is a good investment.

Even if you decide not to get flood insurance, you may want to protect yourself and your home from flooding. You could start with taking steps to lower your home’s risk of flooding, but creating a disaster preparedness plan may be a smart move, too.

How much does Leon County flood insurance cost?

The average flood insurance rate in Florida is $613 per year. That’s actually on the lower end of the scale - which is pretty fortunate considering how much Florida home insurance has gone up recently. But the high flood risk in Leon County means homeowners there likely pay at least the average annual rate or more.

Leon County flood risks

While Leon County’s flood risks aren’t as high as Florida’s coastal counties, like St. Johns or Collier, the county isn’t immune to flooding from hurricanes. Tallahassee, the county seat, averages one hurricane every eight years.

Plus, Leon County faces flood risks in several forms, including:

  • Storm surge from hurricanes.
  • Saturated land, overflowing rivers, and backed-up storm drains after heavy rains.
  • Breaches in levees and dams.
  • Flooding caused by closed basins.

A closed basin is an area where water collects but has no surface outlet to let the water out. Sometimes water in a closed basin will “pop off” to another basin, but many homes in Leon County’s closed basins were built below the level that allows that to happen.

Flood zones in Leon County, FL

A glance at FEMA’s flood map for Leon County shows that the region contains a number of high-risk flood zones, including A and AE. You should note, however, that FEMA’s maps do not account for homes in closed basins that might have a high risk for flooding, too. More importantly, being outside of a flood zone doesn’t mean your home won’t flood. FEMA estimates that 25% of all flood claims occur in moderate to low-risk areas.

How to save money on Leon County flood insurance

Most homeowners who need flood insurance go to the NFIP, which was created to reduce the financial burden floods can create in communities. The NFIP offers standalone policies that provide up to $250,000 of coverage for your home and up to $100,000 for its contents.

For comparison, our flood coverage is an endorsement you can add to your current policy. This often means it’s less expensive than the policies from the NFIP. Plus, our coverage:

  • Can be purchased with higher policy limits. Not only can you match your current policy’s coverage limits, but you can get flood insurance for other structures on your property.
  • Goes into effect immediately. NFIP policies do not go into effect until 30 days after they’re purchased.
  • Does not require an elevation certificate. You can’t get an NFIP policy without an elevation certificate, which can add anywhere from $170 to $2,000 or more to your total cost.

With Kin, you’ll only have to deal with one policy and one deductible. That’s zero hassle! Contact us to see how much you can save on your Leon County flood insurance.

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