Flood insurance: Marion County, Florida

How to get flood insurance in Marion County, Florida

Marion County residents are no strangers to flood risk. Not only does the county average 51 inches of rain per year, but it’s also home to and bordered by several large lakes that make flooding even more common. In fact, nearly five percent of the county's total area is covered by water.

Long story short? Marion County proves that you don’t have to be on the coast to have flooding concerns.

Homeowners insurance typically excludes water damage from floods, so most people have to buy separate flood policies. And when they do, they often turn to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) for expensive policies with limited coverage. 

Our solution is better. We offer flood insurance that is broader, more affordable, and easier to understand than the NFIP. Read on to learn more, or contact us to see how much you can save.

How much does flood insurance cost in Marion County?

People often assume that Florida flood insurance is expensive, but the average annual premium of $613 makes it the lowest in the nation. However, many Marion County residents may pay more than the state’s average because of the amount of flood risk they face.

Working with us often means you get a lower rate because we offer flood coverage as an endorsement to your homeowners insurance rather than a standalone policy. Additional benefits to getting flood insurance from us include:

  • Broader coverage. Where the NFIP limits your dwelling coverage to $250,000 and your personal property to $100,000, our flood coverage allows you to match the limits on your homeowners policy.

  • Immediate coverage. The NFIP enforces a 30-day waiting period, but our flood coverage goes into effect as soon as you bind.

  • Easy coverage. When you get a flood insurance endorsement, you work with a single company. That means one payment process and one place to file claims.

If you’re curious what your property’s flood insurance rate will be, contact us today, and we’ll supply you with a quote.

What flood zones are in Marion County?

Kin’s affordable flood insurance rates for Marion County homeowners doesn’t mean the area is free of flood risks. Flood maps for Marion County developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) identify three high-risk flood zones within its boundaries: 

Each of these designations indicate an area with a high risk for annual flooding that’s equal to a 26% probability of a flood event over a thirty-year mortgage period. Moreover, FEMA considers these flood zones to be Special Flood Hazard Areas, which means homeowners can only get federally backed mortgages if they have flood insurance.

A good way to your flood zone, as well as your home’s flood history, is to enter your address at Risk Factor. Its maps have been updated more recently than FEMA’s and consider the impact of climate change on your property’s flood risk.

Climate change is one of the main reasons that Florida’s flood risks are rising. Higher sea levels and stronger storms combine to make flooding more likely and often more devastating. 

Adapting to rising flood risks 

While you can’t avoid flood risks in Florida altogether, you can take measures to adapt. Working to lower your home’s risk of flooding can protect your property and help you receive a lower flood insurance premium. Some easy ways to minimize the likelihood of water damage from floods include:

  • Moving appliances and other equipment to higher levels in your home.

  • Sloping your lawn so water moves away from your house.

  • Keeping gutters free of dirt and debris.

  • Installing backflow valves to every sewage pipe that connects to your house.

Some communities in Florida suffer from excess flooding due to faulty infrastructure. If you notice lots of standing water in your community, contact your county and raise the issue so your area can strive to implement water management solutions. And if you’re in an area where significant flooding is common, put together a disaster preparedness plan. It can provide a course of action that keeps you and your family safe.

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