3 Products that Reduce Home Insurance Costs

Tue Dec 26 2017

These three services can make your home safer and help you save on your home insurance.

Kangaroo Home Security Kit

An easy way to lower your homeowners insurance premium is with a home security system. We partner with Kangaroo to give you free smart security system and get you an easy discount on your home insurance. Our customers usually save about $40 on their premium.

Our Kin x Kangaroo kit includes a motion sensor, a doorbell camera, two water and climate sensors, plus a year of free monitoring (usually $99 / year). It takes minutes to set up and can be completely managed from your smartphone.

The kit is valued at $320 and can be yours for free. Ask us about it!

Kangaroo Water + Climate Sensors

If you’ve ever had pipes burst or returned home to flooding, you know how serious water damage can be. Water issues are common, too: homes are two times more likely to experience water damage than fire and theft combined.

The Kangaroo water and climate sensors monitor temperature and humidity, alerting your smartphone when water is detected. They’re easy to install, too. Just place them on a wall or on the ground in areas that might be prone to leaks.

These sensors can alert you to water damage before it gets out of hand, sparing your home from expensive damage and decreasing the chance of filing claims. The fewer claims you have, the cheaper your homeowners insurance is.

Again, two of these sensors are included in our free welcome kit to Kin customers.

Third Nail Installation

The number one way to save big bucks on Florida homeowners insurance is through wind mitigation credits. The more wind resistant your home is, the lower your premium will be.

If your home was built before 2002 (i.e., when the latest building codes went into effect), your roof may need a little love to make sure it can withstand hurricane winds. Folks with older homes may benefit from working with LGT Restoration Services, Inc., a licensed general contractor that specializes in truss mitigation and hurricane retrofits in Florida. If your roof truss has “toe nails,” they can simply add a third nail to help your home qualify for the “clips” discount noted in your wind mitigation inspection.

While that third nail might not seem like much, it can make a big difference in how much you pay for homeowners insurance. You can save 20 to 50 percent on your total premium by upgrading your roof-to-wall attachment from toe nails to clips.

To learn more about these services, give us a call at 855-717-0022 or start your application here.