Capitol Preferred Insurance Review

Capitol Preferred Review: What the Data Says

To help in your search for the best home insurance in Florida and Louisiana, let’s take a look at Capitol Preferred Insurance. This review looks at data from real customer reviews and average pricing data. You can see how this company compares directly to us based on these metrics.

Capitol Preferred Insurance has been around since 1997. This company offers homeowners, renters, condo, dwelling fire, and life insurance. It maintains an A, Exceptional, rating with Demotech and has 0.42 percent of the home insurance market share in Florida, though they recently dropped many policyholders.

Capitol Preferred Insurance Customer Reviews

Capitol Preferred Insurance has 58 reviews – you might expect to see more considering the company has been around for more than 20 years. It maintains a 2-star average rating on Google Reviews. Recent reviews cite cancellations and premium increases by 40 percent. To its credit, Capitol Preferred does respond to some reviews.

Kin has more than 1,500 customer reviews on Trustpilot with an average rating of 4.8 stars. Our feedback consistently cites our expert agents who are ready to help with any question or request. Customers also note how much they saved or how easy their claim was.

Bottom line: Customer reviews offer a look into the customer experience. While some reviews may be outliers, consistent remarks indicate a solid trend.

Capitol Preferred Insurance Average Premium

While Capitol Preferred Insurance fares better than some insurance companies in its reviews and complaints, its premiums may give some homeowners sticker shock. Capitol Preferred’s average premiums are about double the price of Kin’s. For example, for a $300,000 newly constructed home, their average yearly premium is $3,003. Ours is $1,354.

Averages are a good way to give an impression of cost, but they aren’t the whole story. Remember that the only way to know what you’ll pay for home insurance is to get a quote. You may be eligible for additional discounts, too.

Average Annual Premium for a $300k Newly Built Home

State Kin Average Premium Capitol Preferred Average Premium
Florida $1,354 $3,003
Louisiana $1,565 TBD

Capitol Preferred Insurance Claims

Customers pay insurance carriers to protect them in a loss. We can’t say how Capitol Preferred handles its claims, and there’s not enough public reviews to suggest a trend.

For our part, we prioritize communication, transparency, and ease in our claims handling. We know how stressful losses can be, and we use technology to settle claims as fast and painlessly as possible for our homeowners.

We also built our Managed Repair Network to connect policyholders with licensed and insured contractors to handle their repairs. That means our customers don’t have to search for and vet contractors on their own, and they have peace of mind that repairs will be done professionally.

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