Meet Mary, a happy Kin customer

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"I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t switch to Kin"

After discovering an insurance-buying process that was actually pleasant, a homeowner in Sanford, Florida, wants everyone she knows to switch to Kin.

Mary Dickson didn’t set out to buy new homeowners insurance.

Her only plan when she launched her Google search last fall was to find a company that could help her make wind mitigation updates to her home.

“I wanted to see if I could save some money,” she said. It was a smart move: most home insurance companies in Florida offer discounts if your home meets certain durability standards that make it less susceptible to hurricane damage.

Mary’s current policy didn’t expire for eight months, but when Kin showed up in search results, she decided to fill out an application – it only took a few minutes, after all.

“It never hurts to fill out an app,” she says.

Just the right amount of persistence

After she submitted her application, Mary got a call from Curt, a Kin customer service representative. She was honest with him, explaining that she was mostly looking for wind mitigation updates.

A week later, Curt called back to ask if she’d been successful. She laughed.

“Life got in the way,” she says. “But I was glad he called. It reminded me to get moving.”

Another week passed, and Curt called once again to see how she was doing. This time, Mary had a different answer.

“I’d been making calls, but I couldn’t get anybody to come out,” says Mary. “They were all too busy from the hurricane.” It was shortly after Irma had hit Florida. She’d called 10 companies about wind mitigation, and only four had even called her back. “And nobody had time to come out.”

She explained her predicament to Curt.

“He said, ‘You know what? Let me see what I can do to help,’” says Mary. “I was shaking my head. I knew there was no one who could do it. Everyone was swamped.”

But when he called back the next day, Curt had found a company and set up the inspection. The company came out the following day – and then things got even better.

“That’s when I got really stoked about Kin”

Mary was floored that the wind mitigation inspection happened so fast. On top of that, the premium Kin quoted her was about half of what she’d been paying for home insurance.

“I asked, ‘What happens if I switch right now?’’

He explained that her current insurance company would refund her the remainder of her premium. In fact, he even contacted the necessary parties to get the process started.

“I said, ‘I’m switching, and I’m switching right now.’”

And she did. Since making the switch, Mary has been encouraging everyone she knows to apply for Florida homeowners insurance through Kin.

“I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t switch to Kin,” she says. “Great customer service, they save you money, and it’s better coverage.”

Behind the scenes at Kin

Want to work with an insurance company that you think is the greatest? At Kin, we believe that buying insurance can – and should – be a pleasant experience. Here’s what we do differently to make your life better:

  • A fast, easy app: We’d like to second Mary on her claim that “it never hurts to fill out an app.” In fact, the few minutes you’ll spend on a Kin app could save you hundreds of dollars on your yearly premium.
  • Real people who care: Curt sounds great, right? That’s because he is. And so are all of Kin’s customer service reps. Our goal is to find you better coverage, and we’re proud that our team does whatever it can to make that process enjoyable.
  • Great partner relationships: It’s not a fluke that we helped get Mary’s wind mitigation inspection and updates taken care of. In fact, we’ve partnered with several companies to offer our customers ways to save on their premiums.

Takeaways from Mary’s experience

  1. Find ways to make your home safer. Wind mitigation updates may save you money on your insurance premium even if you’re not a Kin customer. And so might other updates like installing a home security system and a device to monitor your pipes. Just ask your insurer before you invest in any changes.
  2. Don’t wait for your policy to expire to find a better one. Mary’s experience wasn’t a fluke: you, too, could get a partial refund on your premium if you find a better-priced policy before your old one expires. So go ahead. Apply now, while you’re thinking about it.
  3. Read reviews. Before Mary bought her policy, she checked out Kin’s customer reviews, and you should too. See what people are saying about how we handled Irma, especially. We stand by our track record!

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