How Home Liability Insurance Protects You on Super Bowl Sunday

Wed Jan 10 2018

Hosting a Super Bowl party at your home? Make a game plan for potential accidents and injuries. You know how your friends get when they’ve had a few.

Super Bowl Sunday Risks for Homeowners

On February 4, millions of Americans will gather to watch the Super Bowl – most of us in our homes or the home of a friend. If you haven’t thought beyond what kind of sauce you’re making for your wings, it’s time to take a few minutes to understand how your homeowners liability insurance can come into play to keep you safe.

First, a quick note on what we mean by home liability insurance. Most people think of their homeowners insurance as something they’ll need if a tree falls through the roof. That’s not incorrect, but in addition to providing coverage for repairing or replacing damaged property, most homeowners insurance also offers liability coverage. This part of your policy (also called Personal Liability or Coverage E) can pay for repairs and even legal expenses if someone accidentally gets hurt on your property.

Homeowners Liability Risks at a Party

If things go according to plan, you’ll never need to use your home liability coverage. But if something goes wrong, it’s great to have. Liability claims tend to be expensive. Here are a few incidents that might lead to a claim on this part of your policy:

  • Food poisoning or allergic reactions: It’s not always clear where allergens lurk at a potluck, but allergic reactions can be serious. If someone at your party gets sick from the food you serve, they could sue you to cover the cost of their medical bills (after all, a single ambulance ride can cost more than a thousand dollars). Luckily, your personal liability coverage will likely cover the costs.
  • Damage to guests’ property: Rowdy kids, intoxicated guests, and excited animals can mean things get knocked over or spilled on at Super Bowl parties. That’s usually no big deal – but what happens if the speaker system your neighbor loaned you for the big game is ruined at your party? Again, your home liability insurance may be able to pay to have the property repaired or replaced.
  • Dog bites: Speaking of excited animals, it’s not always clear how Rover will react to a crowd. If your furry friend bites a guest, insist they get whatever medical care they need. Your homeowners liability insurance should cover the costs, unless you have a breed that’s excluded by your insurance provider. (But either way: make sure your guest gets treated!)
  • Alcohol-related injuries: Drinking can make a Super Bowl party more festive. But it can also lead to potentially serious injuries caused by alcohol-fueled fights, trips and falls, and even impaired driving. As a host, it’s important to understand that some states allow social hosts to be liable for alcohol-related injuries that happen after people drink at their homes. This is a serious matter, as drunk driving can cause serious injury and death. The liability can be tremendous (meaning expensive). Your best bet here is to encourage safe behavior: make it difficult to drink to excess, encourage the use of designated drivers, and call a ride (or offer a place to crash) for anyone who shouldn’t get behind the wheel.

Home Liability Insurance Away from Home

One last note: even if you’re not hosting the Super Bowl bash this year, your home liability insurance may protect you. Most policies offer coverage for property damage or personal injury you cause (accidentally) away from your primary residence. So if you ruin those speakers at your neighbor’s house… check your insurance policy. There’s a chance you can make a claim for the repair or replacement costs.