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Here's your guide to finding affordable homeowners insurance in Tallahassee.

While Tallahassee is Florida’s capital and home of Florida State University and Florida A&M University, it’s perhaps best known in the scientific community as the home of the world’s most powerful electron microscope. But you don’t have to be a science buff to appreciate living in Tally. With a vibrant urban community and proximity to outdoor activities, the city offers something for everyone. 

Yet homeowners here face hurricanes once every eight years, which makes getting affordable homeowners insurance essential. Let’s take a look at how much insurance costs in Tallahassee and how Kin works to keep costs down.

How much is homeowners insurance in Tallahassee?

Florida is known for having some of the most expensive home insurance in the nation. The most recent data puts the average annual home insurance premium at $2,165. Luckily, homeowners in Tallahassee usually pay less than the statewide average – often around $1,966 per year. 

Factors affecting Tallahassee home insurance costs

Positive factors

Negative factors

Minor fire risk

High property crime rate

Extreme wind risk

In Tallahassee, you’re dealing with the issues that make Florida home insurance so expensive, like reinsurance and excessive litigation. But there are also concerns that are unique to your city. For example, the property crime rate in Tallahassee is higher than both the state’s and the nation’s.

Weather risk, however, may be your biggest concern. Risk Factor describes the city’s wind risk as extreme. On the plus side, fire risk in Tallahassee is minor.

Insurers also consider specific information about your home, like it’s: 

  • Age.

  • Construction.

  • Size. 

Your personal property coverage and liability limits also impact the cost of your coverage.

Why choose Kin

We’re all about making sure homeowners can get affordable insurance in catastrophe-prone states, and that starts with our technology. We evaluate a large amount of essential insurance data to make sure we price your policy accurately for the risk your home faces.

Crunching those numbers also helps us develop smart discounts for our members. Many our policyholders earn discounts for their:

  • Security systems.

  • Wind mitigation features.

  • Gated and secured communities.

  • Water leak detectors.

Some also save money by selecting a higher deductible. Our Tallahassee home insurance has two deductibles:

  • Standard deductible options

    • $500

    • $1000

    • $2,500

    • $5,000

    • $10,000

    • $25,000 

    • $50,000

  • Hurricane deductible options

Other coverage for Tallahassee homeowners

Home insurance policies generally cover common perils, such as fire, theft, and water damage caused by a pipe bursting. However, flooding caused by hurricane storm surge is usually not covered. That may mean you need flood insurance in Tallahassee.

Flood insurance

There are four main waterways that cause flooding in Tallahassee: 

  • West Drainage Ditch

  • East Drainage Ditch

  • Central Drainage Ditch

  • Northeast Drainage Ditch. 

This doesn’t mean other areas of the city are without flood risk, but these areas can be especially problematic during heavy rains. Flooding in these areas is often just inches deep but can flood garages, basements, and street-level floors.

Learn more about flood insurance in Leon County, and then enter your address for a quote.

Frequently asked question about home insurance 

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