Homeowners insurance in Naples

Here's your guide to finding affordable homeowners insurance in Naples.

Naples, Florida is a great place to live and to raise a family. Located on the western coast of the state, it has low crime, wonderful outdoor activities, and amazing restaurants. Not only is there a lot to do in Naples, but it is one of the favorite places for celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Chef Emeril Lagasse to holiday. 

Local residents do pay the price for living in such a great place. While Naples has a lower-than-average crime rate, it faces hurricanes, floods, and sinkholes every year. These risks make finding homeowners insurance challenging with many major carriers hiking up rates or pulling out of the region.

Naples home insurance costs

Florida is one of the most expensive states when it comes to insurance with a national average price of $2,165 per year. But that’s just a statewide average. In all likelihood, homeowners in Naples pay more than that because of the city’s location on the coast.

But location is only one of several factors that goes into determining your home insurance premium. Some others are more unique to your home, such as its age, type of construction, and roof shape.

Because we use technology to analyze these and other pieces of publicly available insurance data, we can offer coverage that’s price more accurately for your home’s specific exposures.que 

That’s why getting a tailored quote is so important –  you want your coverage to protect your Naples home and account for its unique traits.

Covering specific risks in Naples, Florida

Kin’s standard home insurance for Naples offers all-perils coverage for the home. In other words, it covers a lot of losses, including fire, theft, and water damage from burst pipes. It also includes coverage for hurricane winds, but flood coverage must be added on.

Let’s take a look at some of Naples’ biggest risks and how insurance addresses them.

Naples hurricane coverage

Naples is a coastal community sitting on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. When Hurricane Irma hit the region in 2017, Naples considered itself “lucky,” despite suffering significant flooding and structural damage.

Without hurricane insurance during Irma, some folks were left without a home and no means to rebuild. Hurricane insurance specifically covers any wind-related damage to your home that happens during the extreme winds of the powerful storm. When you make a hurricane-related claim, your separate hurricane deductible applies. This is often a flat amount ($500) or a percentage of the home’s replacement cost (2 percent, 5 percent, or 10 percent).

Naples flood insurance

Naples sits in a high-risk area for flood damage. But according to the city of Naples, the city has taken measures to reduce the impact of potential floods and is now rated a Class 5 city by FEMA. However, even with preventative measures, a city can still flood. Even an inch of water can cost thousands of dollars of damage to your home.

A standard home insurance policy won’t cover flooding (even due to a hurricane). Because Naples is flanked by the western coast and many inlets to the east of the city, it is susceptible to storm surge flooding. Flood insurance covers anything considered “rising water.”

So while the burst pipe in your house is covered by homeowners insurance, the storm surge from Hurricane Irma was covered only for those who had flood insurance. The Kin flood endorsement is designed to cover events such as these.

Sinkhole coverage in Naples

Naples is not a high-risk Florida community for sinkholes, but the entire state sits on limestone deposits. As limestone gets wet, it softens, leading to massive sinkholes throughout the state. If you are concerned about sinkhole risks in your area, speak with a Kin representative about sinkhole and catastrophic ground collapse coverage.

Tips for lowering Naples homeowners insurance costs

Even the safest communities have risks that impact insurance costs. If you are concerned about high homeowners insurance premiums, ask about these discounts to help save money:

  • Protective devices: Think smoke alarms, security systems, and water mitigation devices.
  • Wind mitigation measures: Impact resistant doors and windows and reinforced roofing can help you save considerably.
  • Secure communities: These are gated communities with or without guards.
  • New construction: Homes built after 2001 have more wind-resistant construction.
  • Electronic policy: Cut the paper and opt to manage your account digitally.

Once your home is properly insured, the best way to keep costs down is to have a positive claims history. The fewer claims you have, the less expensive your insurance will be.

Get a tailored quote from Kin, and our representatives will look for every discount and help you understand what affects the price of your policy.

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