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Originally designed as a bedroom community for Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Miramar has grown to nearly 135,000 people – and for good reason. The city offers its residents tons of family-friendly activities, exciting arts and entertainment venues like the Miramar Cultural Center and ArtsPark, and an average of 250 sunny days every year. It’s also one of the few places that can claim to be part of Everglades National Park!

But even in a city that celebrates “Beauty and Progress,”as its motto suggests, things can go wrong. And when they do, you need home insurance.

How much does home insurance in Miramar cost?

The average Floridian’s homeowners premium is $2,165 per year, making Florida home insurance the most expensive in the nation. There are a lot of reasons for this, including:

All of these impact what Miramar residents pay for home insurance. For example, all South Florida is vulnerable to hurricanes and other severe weather events, and Miramar homes have an elevated risk for damage caused by floods, wind, and wildfires.

These extreme weather factors coupled with a high median home value of $333,500 pushes home insurance costs above the state’s average for many Miramar homeowners. What’s more, the city has a higher-than-average crime rate. Your chance of being a victim of a property crime in Miramar is one in 93

Factors affecting Miramar home insurance costs

Positive cost factors

Negative cost factors

Average building costs

High property values

Elevated hurricane/wind risk

Moderate flood risk

Elevated wildfire risk

Higher-than-average property crime rate

However, individual factors can also  influence your home insurance costs, including: 

  • The age of your home.

  • The condition of your roof.

  • Your home’s construction (e.g., frame vs. masonry).

  • Your credit rating and prior claims history.

  • The amount of coverage and deductibles you choose.

  • Your home’s wind mitigation status.

How can I keep home insurance costs down?

We believe that Florida homeowners deserve better, and we’re dedicated to keeping insurance costs down. That starts with technology that allows us to evaluate more insurance data so we can better assess your home’s unique risks. The result is a more accurate premium, which can mean you end up saving money.

The next step is to look for discounts. We offer discounts to Florida residents who:

  • Install home security systems.

  • Mitigate their wind risk.

  • Install water detection devices or fire protective devices.

  • Choose a higher deductibles.

Taken all together, Kin members report saving up an average of $917 when they switch to us.*

What other coverage do I need in Miramar?

Flood insurance is another important policy for Miramar homeowners because most home insurance policies don't cover flood damage. Much of Broward County, including Miramar, has a moderate to high flood risk. Homes in high-risk flood zones, as designated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), may be required to get flood coverage. 

Find your flood zone

You can go to FEMA’s Flood Map Service Center to see the flood zone designation for your neighborhood. High-risk flood areas begin with the letters A or V on FEMA flood maps, and a quick look at Miramar’s flood map shows areas designated as:

You can also head to the official city of Miramar website to search for your property’s flood zone designation and to find detailed information about floodplains and floodplain management.

How to get home insurance in Miramar?

While other insurance companies have withdrawn from Florida because of the high cost of hurricanes, Kin is proud to offer affordable coverage to homeowners who need it most. We are committed to Florida for the long haul.

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*Based on Kin Customer Savings Survey conducted September 2022 - September 2023. Potential savings may vary.

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