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Hialeah, a suburb of Miami, is rich in history. The city is dotted with famous landmarks, like Hialeah Park Racetrack, which is both a national historic landmark and an Audubon Bird Sanctuary. This and Hialeah’s rich, Latin heritage makes it a vibrant community to live in.

But as a Hialeah homeowner, you also know how hard it’s become to get home insurance for your property. Between the increasing intensity of hurricanes and the number of insurers leaving the state, it seems like Florida home insurance rates just keep going up.

We believe Florida homeowners deserve better. That’s why we’re doing all we can to bring affordable home insurance to the Sunshine State. Let’s take a look at how much homeowners insurance costs in Hialeah, and how Kin may be able to help.

How much does home insurance cost in Hialeah?

When it comes to high home insurance rates, Florida leads the nation. The most recent information says the average Florida homeowner pays $2,165 per year for their insurance. Hialeah homeowners likely pay more for their coverage, in part because their city is so close to the ocean.

Factors affecting home insurance costs in Hialeah

Positive Cost Factors

Negative Cost Factors

Lower-than-average building costs

High property values

Elevated hurricane/wind risk

Elevated flood risk

Higher-than-average crime rate

Several factors cause expensive homeowners insurance in Florida, including high reinsurance costs and excessive litigation. But a key factor in Hialeah rates is the weather. Being situated on the coast means Hialeah runs the risk of a hurricane or tropical storm causing major damage. Moreover, Florida ranks in the top five of states with the most tornadoes per year.

Floods are also a risk in Hialeah. The area has a tropical monsoon climate and receives a yearly average of 73 inches of rain.

Climate-related risks aren’t the only concerns your insurance company considers when determining your premium. Others include: 

  • The condition of your roof. Having a sturdy roof is so important in Florida that insurers are required to offer discounts for installing wind-mitigation features.

  • The construction materials. Homes made of materials that are more resilient in hurricane-force winds are often less expensive to insure.

  • Your credit rating. Florida is one of the states that allows insurers to consider your credit score when setting premiums.

  • The deductibles. Choosing a higher deductible can lower your overall premium, but you want to pick a deductible that you can comfortably afford even in a catastrophe.

How Kin helps keep home insurance costs down

We use technology that allows us to evaluate more insurance-related data about your home. That way, we get a better understanding of the true risks your property faces – and the real cost of insuring it. The result is fair and accurate insurance premiums. 

You can also save money when you earn discounts. Our members see premium credits and discounts when they

  • Install home security systems.

  • Reduce their wind risk.

  • Invest in water detection devices.

Even if you don’t qualify for all the discounts, you can still save on your homeowner insurance by increasing your deductible. Our Florida homeowners insurance has the following deductibles.

  • Standard deductibles

    • $500

    • $1,000

    • $2,500

    • $5,000

    • $10,000

    • $25,000

    • $50,000

  • Hurricane deductibles

    • Flat-rate deductible: $500

    • Percentage deductible: 1%, 2%,3%, 5%, or 10% of your Coverage A limits.

Remember, a deductible is the amount you’re responsible for should you have a claim. Be sure to pick an amount that you can realistically cover.

What other coverage do I need in Hialeah?

Homeowners insurance doesn’t cover flood damage, so you likely need flood insurance to protect your Hialeah home. Due to its coastal location and elevated hurricane risk, many neighborhoods and buildings in Hialeah are in high-risk flood zones as designated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Not sure if your home is in a flood zone? Go to FEMA’s Flood Map Service Center to see the flood zone designation for your neighborhood. We did and saw areas marked as:

Even if your home is in a moderate-to-low-risk flood zone, buying flood insurance is a good idea just about everywhere in Florida. Our flood insurance comes as an endorsement, not as part of your standard home insurance policy.

Frequently asked questions about home insurance

Making sure homeowners understand their coverage is important to us. Check out the articles listed below to get the answers you need.

Resources fo Hialeah homeowners

How to get home insurance in HialeahWhile the cost of doing business in Florida has caused other insurance companies to leave the state, we’re working on ways to keep offering affordable coverage to homeowners who need it most. Get a quote for homeowners insurance today.

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