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The stretch of land in northwest Broward County known as Coral Springs is a thriving community. The city’s dynamic business community, top-rated schools, abundant recreational facilities, and exciting arts community make it one of the best places to live in the Sunshine State.

Living in Coral Springs certainly sounds idyllic, but that doesn’t mean the city is free of risk. And when bad things happen, you want to have quality home insurance that protects your investment and helps you recover quickly.

Unfortunately, some of the things that make Coral Springs so beautiful are also what makes homeowners insurance so expensive. Let’s take a look at why that is and how Kin can help.

How much does home insurance cost in Coral Springs?

The average cost of homeowners insurance in Florida is $2,165 per year, making it the most expensive state in the nation for home insurance costs. The reasons Florida insurance rates keep going up are complicated, but they’ve caused many insurance companies to leave the state – which makes the situation even more difficult for homeowners. 

As a Coral Springs homeowner, your rates are probably pretty close to this or possibly even higher because of the risks in your area.

Factors affecting home insurance costs in Coral Springs

Negative Cost Factors

High property values

Elevated hurricane/wind risk

Fire risk

Flood risk

Higher-than-average property crime rate

You probably already know that Coral Springs’ weather risks have a significant effect on what local residents pay for home insurance. The city, like all of South Florida, is vulnerable to hurricanes and other severe weather events. According to Risk Factor, 100% of Coral Springs homes have at least some wind risk.

Homes in Coral Springs also face risk of fire and flood, although to a lesser extent than wind. Fire is typically covered by home insurance, but flooding usually isn’t. For that, you likely need additional flood coverage

High home values also push the cost of homeowners insurance higher. The median home price in Coral Springs is over $550,000, and while market value isn’t the same as replacement cost, the former often reflects the latter. Moreover, Coral Springs’ property crime rate is higher than average when compared to all communities regardless of size.

Unfortunately, we didn’t find many factors that have a positive impact on home insurance costs in Coral Springs, but there are other things that influence your home insurance costs, including: 

How to keep costs down with Kin

People who switch to Kin report saving an average of more than $900 on their homeowners insurance.* One reason for that is our technology that allows us to analyze granular insurance data. By looking at data specific to your home, we’re able to offer a premium that better reflects your unique risks. 

We also offer home insurance discounts to Florida residents who:

  • Install home security systems.

  • Mitigate their wind risk.

  • Live in a gated or secured community.

  • Have water detection devices.

Homeowners sometimes save money by choosing a higher deductible. In Coral Springs, your can standard deductible options are:

  • $500.

  • $1,000.

  • $2,500.

  • $5,000.

  • $10,000.

  • $25,000.

  • $50,000.

Your hurricane deductible can be either a flat rate or a percentage of your Coverage A limits. Select from the following options:

  • $500

  • 1%

  • 2%

  • 3%

  • 5%

  • 10%

Remember that when you choose your deductible, you want to pick an amount you can afford even in a catastrophic event.

Important resources for Coral Springs homeowners

Frequently asked questions questions

One of our top goals is to make sure homeowners understand their coverage. These links will take you to pages on our site that answer some common questions about homeowners insurance.

How to get home insurance in Coral Springs 

While other insurance companies have withdrawn from Florida because of the high cost of hurricanes, Kin is proud to offer affordable coverage to homeowners who need it most. We are committed to Florida for the long haul. 

Get a quote for Coral Springs, FL, homeowners insurance today. 

*Customers who switched to Kin report annual savings of $955 on average. Based on Kin Customer Savings Survey conducted October 2022 - October 2023. Potential savings may vary.

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