Does homeowners insurance cover tenants?

Usually, it doesn't.

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Why tenants need their own insurance

Homeowners insurance covers the structure of the buildings, other structures, and the owner’s personal belongings on the property. It also protects residents of the home for personal liability – with one big exception.

Homeowners insurance doesn't extend those benefits to temporary occupants. That's why renters need their own insurance to cover their personal property and liability.

If you're a landlord, make it a condition of the lease that your tenants have renters insurance – it can save you a lot of arguments and headaches if disaster strikes.

Landlords need special coverage, too

A standard home insurance policy won't properly protect landlords for the unique risks they face when renting out their property – specifically the potential liability if a tenant or their guests are injured on your property.

If you rent out your property, inform your insurance provider. Kin offers policies specifically designed to protect a landlord's property.


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