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Need an HO6 policy in Sarasota? You’ve come to the right place.

Sarasota boasts over 35 miles of stunning, white-sand beaches, but locals know there’s so much more to the city than its coastline. Whether you want to kayak through mangroves, take in the culture at a local museum, or stroll through one of its many parks, Sarasota has something for you. No wonder more than 54,000 people call the area home. 

But as Sarasotans know, living near the Gulf of Mexico definitely has its disadvantages, too. They feel the impact of hurricanes and tropical storms on average once every four and a half years. 

That’s where we come in. While we can’t stop hurricanes from blowing, we can help you protect your most valuable asset with condo insurance in Sarasota, Florida.

How much does condo insurance cost in Sarasota?

The high cost of reinsurance and the amount of legislation in the state makes Florida homeowners insurance some of the most expensive coverage in the US.Unfortunately, the issues that push home insurance costs up do the same for condo insurance.

Moreover, there’s a pretty good chance that premiums for most Sarasota condos fall at or above the state average due to the city’s location on the coast. 

But location isn’t the only factor wet look at when determining premium. We also consider:

  • The number of stories in your building.

  • Your claims history.

  • The value of your personal property.

  • Your building’s age and construction materials.

At Kin, we use technology to collect and analyze tons of insurance data to give you as accurate of a rate as possible. Your premium represents the risk your condo faces – not the risk your neighbors face. As a result, many of our members find they save money when they switch to us.

The best way to know what you’ll pay for coverage is to get a quote. It’s fast, easy, and free!

How Sarasota condo insurance covers natural disasters

As a Sarasota resident, you need to consider how your condo insurance protects your finances even in worst case scenarios, particularly hurricanes, floods, and sinkholes. Read on to see how  easy it is to get the coverage you want in one policy.

Hurricane insurance

Sarasota sees hurricanes approximately every two years. In some cases, the storms brush the area, but the city can experience a direct hit – as it did when Hurricane Ian struck in 2022. Unfortunately, many experts believe hurricanes are becoming more frequent and more severe, which means you need a condo policy that includes hurricane insurance

Like most standard condo insurance, our policies cover damage caused by hurricane winds. We also offer a variety of hurricane deductibles, so you can pick an amount you’re comfortable covering should you experience damage from a named storm.

Catastrophic ground collapse coverage

Sinkholes can happen anywhere, but unfortunately, Florida is one of the top states for sinkhole-related damage. As a result, Florida home insurance companies have to include catastrophic ground cover collapse coverage. This coverage kicks in when all of the following conditions are met:

  • The ground cover abruptly collapses.

  • A depression in the ground cover is clearly visible to the naked eye.

  • There’s structural damage to the home and its foundation.

  • A government agency condemns the home and orders it to be vacated.

Note: Catastrophic ground cover collapse coverage is different from sinkhole insurance that some companies offer as an endorsement.. 

Tips for keeping condo insurance affordable in Sarasota

Trying to save money so you can enjoy the Sarasota lifestyle just that much more? One option is to raise your deductible. This usually results in a lower premium. Just be sure to pick a deductible you can afford even after a disaster because that's the amount you’re responsible for covering before your coverage kicks in. 

You can also get insurance discounts for: 

  • Installing wind mitigation features.

  • Having fire detection systems.

  • Opting for an electronic policy.

Get the right condo insurance policy for the best price. Get a quote today.

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