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Hoping to find a friendly town with amazing beach weather? Look no further than Safety Harbor. Not only do the city’s 17,000 residents see more than 240 days of sunshine in the average year, they can also enjoy award-winning restaurants, quaint shops, and a charming waterfront on Tampa Bay. Even the name hints at just how idyllic life in Safety Harbor can be.

But bad things can happen anywhere – even in Safety Harbor. That’s why condo owners who want protection look for quality Florida condo insurance. Also called HO6 insurance, this coverage is key to making sure you can recover quickly even in the worst situations. 

Read on to find out more about what condo insurance covers, how much it costs, and how you can save money by working with Kin.

What does condo insurance in Safety Harbor cover?

Condo insurance is a policy that can cover losses your homeowners association’s (HOA) insurance doesn’t. Most HOAs have what’s known as a master policy to cover the common areas that are accessible to all unit owners and guests, such as:

  • Workout facilities.

  • Swimming pools.

  • Common walls.

However, your HOA’s policy doesn’t cover the interior of your unit or your personal belongings. Moreover, it seldom covers your liability for incidents that occur in your unit. Plus, you may have to pay a loss assessment if there’s a claim on the master policy. 

That’s why most Safety Harbor condo owners get Florida HO6 insurance. It protects your:

  • Your unit. Dwelling coverage helps pay for repairs to the interior of your unit. This is why condo insurance is sometimes called walls-in insurance.

  • Your belongings. Personal property insurance protects the items in your condo, such as electronics, furniture, and fixtures.

  • Your additional expenses. If your condo is temporarily uninhabitable because of damage caused by a covered peril, loss of use coverage can help you pay bills that are above your normal living costs.

  • Your liability. Personal liability coverage protects you financially if you’re at fault for another person’s bodily injury or property damage. 

  • Your guests’ injuries. Medical payments coverage helps cover your guests’ medical costs if they’re injured while visiting your unit.

Our condo insurance in Safety Harbor also includes loss assessment coverage. This can help pay the amount your HOA assesses if there’s a claim on the master policy.

Additional coverage options for Safety Harbor condo owners

Your condo insurance policy is designed to cover you for certain perils, such as fire, theft, vandalism, and windstorm, but few insurance policies protect you from every possible risk. For that reason, you may need additional coverage for hurricanes, floods, and sinkholes. 

Safety Harbor hurricane coverage

Being close to the beach is great when the weather is perfect, but Floridians know it also poses some risks, like hurricanes. Safety Harbor may see named storms come up from the Gulf or cross over land from the Atlantic. Either way, Safety Harbor condo owners need protection against the damage a hurricane might cause. HO6 policies from Kin automatically include hurricane insurance.

Safety Harbor flood insurance

Hurricanes, and the storm surge they bring, are just one part of the problem – albeit a serious one. Heavy rains, whether from a named storm or not, can also cause flooding. And one look at area flood maps show Safety Harbor has several flood zones, including:

Unfortunately, HO6 insurance doesn’t cover floods. For that, you need flood insurance. We offer our flood coverage as an endorsement, which often means it’s more affordable and provides broader coverage than policies from the National Flood Insurance Program.

Safety Harbor sinkhole coverage

Sinkholes are another major concern for Safety Harbor residents. Sinkholes are landforms that are created when soil, sediment, or rock subsides due to underlying strata being dissolved by groundwater. We offer Sinkhole Loss Coverage to protect against sinkhole losses.

Every Kin condo insurance policy also comes with catastrophic ground cover collapse coverage. This comes at no extra charge to you and protects your finances if you experience ground collapse that:

  • Occurs suddenly due to geological activity.

  • Forms a visible depression in the ground. 

  • Cause structural damages to your property.

  • Results in your property being condemned by a governmental agency that orders you to vacate the property.  

How much does condo insurance cost in Safety Harbor?

Most Floridans know getting affordable home insurance has been difficult lately, but the same is true for condo insurance. The average premium in the Sunshine State ist $996 per year, making it the most expensive place for HO6 insurance. Considering Safety Harbor’s location, there’s a good chance that condo owners there pay near that for their coverage.

However, location isn’t the only factor that determines condo insurance costs. For example, insurers may consider:

  • The age of your building and unit.

  • Your claims history.

  • The number of stories in your building.

  • The value of your personal property.

By considering more insurance data, we can charge a premium that more accurately represents your true risk – and that can keep costs down and save you money.

The best way to know what you’ll pay for condo insurance in Safety Harbor, FL is to get a quote. It’s free and takes just a few minutes. 

Tips for keeping Safety Harbor condo insurance affordable

One of the best ways to save money on condo insurance is to ask your agents about discounts. Our members get discounts for: 

  • Reducing their wind risk.

  • Installing home security systems.

  • Being 55 years or older.

  • Opting for an electronic policy.

Another option may be to increase your deductible. When you request a higher deductible, you take on more of the financial responsibility in a claim. As a result, your insurer usually lowers your premium. But be careful! You want to choose a deductible that you can pay even if you face a catastrophe.

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