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One of Hialeah’s early slogans, “All Ways Lead to Hialeah” tells you a lot about the draw the city has on people. Whether you want historical attractions, cultural activities, or outdoor recreation opportunities, Hialeah has what you’re looking for.

But as a condo owner in Hialeah, you probably already knew that – just like you know how important it is to protect that condo from risk. That starts with condo insurance. Getting coverage for your condo helps make sure you can recover quickly should one of those risks cause damage to your unit. 

Let’s take a look at what risks you face as a condo owner, how those risks may impact your insurance rates, and how we’re working to keep premiums down.

What risks do Hialeah condo owners face? 

Being in Hialeah puts you in the northeast corner of Miami-Dade County. So when we say “risk” you likely think “hurricane.” 

If you did, then that’s good thinking on your part. Atlantic hurricane season, which runs June 1 through November each year, is a significant concern for all Hialeah property owners. 

Weather Risks

Other Risks

Extreme wind risk 

Above average property crime risk

Major flood risk

According to Risk Factor, properties in Hialeah have an elevated risk for damage caused by flooding and wind. The city also has a higher-than-average property crime rate – 17 incidents per 1,000 people

Luckily, condo insurance can help you if your unit is damaged by:

  • Hurricane winds.

  • Fire.

  • Burglary.

  • Theft.

  • Vandalism.

But condo policies seldom cover flood damage. You can address that by purchasing flood coverage. 

How do Hialeah’s risk factors impact condo insurance costs?

The greater your chances of experiencing damage (i.e., how much risk you face), the higher your insurance rate is. Living in an area where a major storm could level your condo as well as your neighbors’ homes has a major impact on your premium.

However, condo insurance rates can vary because insurers also consider factors unique to you, such as: 

  • Your insurance score

  • The age, size, and condition of your building.

  • The value of your personal property.

  • The amount of your deductible and coverage.

How to save money with Kin

The average customer reports saving $435 on their condo insurance policies by switching to Kin.*

One reason they do is because we take in a large amount of publicly available data that helps us accurately price your policy. 

Another way you can save with us is by qualifying for discounts, such as those offered for:

  • Strong wind mitigation features.

  • Fire protective devices.

  • Mature condo owners.

The deductibles you choose also impacts your premiums. Choosing larger deductibles lowers your premium, but you want to be careful. A deductible is the amount your responsible for, so you want to pick one you can afford even after a hurricane or other major event.

In Hialeah, you can choose from the following deductible options: 

Condo insurance FAQ

Getting condo insurance in Florida doesn’t have to be difficult. And the more you know, the easier it gets, so we compiled this list of commonly asked questions and linked to articles with answers.

Resources for Hialeah condo owners

Florida city condo insurance guides

How to get a condo insurance quote

The cost of doing business has forced many insurance companies to withdraw from the state, but we’re committed to offering coverage in Florida. The best way to get a quote is to enter your address. You’ll have a fair quote in just minutes.

*Condo owners who switched to Kin report annual savings of $435 on average. Based on Kin Customer Savings Survey conducted from December 2022 through December 2023. Potential savings may vary.

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