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Delray Beach, or the “Village by the Sea” as it's affectionately known, seems like paradise. Surrounded by sandy beaches and sparkling blue waters, the town also has sports-friendly bars, boutique hotels, and fabulous restaurants. Add in the tropical climate and it’s little wonder over 66,000 people have decided to make Delray Beach their home.

But the location that makes the area so attractive also brings some risk. Delray Beach is often a target of seasonal storms that can deliver wind, rain, and flooding, and that makes Florida HO6 insurance – aka condo insurance – an absolute must.

Let’s take a closer look at condo insurance covers, how much it costs, and the potential discounts available for condo owners in Delray Beach.

What does Delray Beach condo insurance cover?

An HO6 policy is designed to protect you, the condo owner, from losses that are not covered by your homeowners association (HOA) insurance. The HOA’s master policy works with your condo insurance to prevent gaps in your coverage.

This is how it works: Your HOA’s master policy typically covers community areas, such as:

  • Pools.
  • Walkways.
  • Common walls.

A loss in a common area like one of these triggers the master policy. But what happens if an event causes a loss within your condo? The HOA’s policy usually doesn’t cover it, so you need your own condo insurance policy.

Our condo insurance policies typically include:

  • Dwelling interior coverage. In an HO6, this protects the interior structure of your unit from the wall coverings in.
  • Personal property coverage. This covers your personal property, such as cabinets, furniture, and electronics.
  • Loss of use coverage. Our condo insurance can help you pay additional expenses if your home is made uninhabitable by a covered peril
  • Loss assessment coverage. If your HOA charges a special assessment, then this coverage can kick in to cover your portion, up to the limits of your policy.
  • Personal liability coverage. This coverage protects you by helping pay your damages and costs if someone claims you caused their property damage or bodily injury.
  • Medical payments coverage. An HO6 policy can help resolve minor issues by covering your guest’s medical bills after an injury on your property.

Delray Beach condo insurance costs

Homeowners insurance in Florida is pricey, and unfortunately, the same is true for condo insurance. The average condo owner pays $996 per year for their coverage. That makes it the most expensive state to get condo insurance.

Chances are Delray Beach condo owners pay about the average for their HO6 policies. The town has experienced several hurricanes and tropical storms over the years.

But location isn’t the only factor that contributes to your condo insurance premium. Insurers might also look at:

  • The age of your building and unit.
  • Your claims history.
  • The number of stories in your building.
  • The value of your personal property.

By analyzing the unique features of your condo and other important insurance data, we can set premiums that more accurately represent our members’ risks. This usually translates into lower premiums. Our members report an average savings of over $500 per year when they switch to Kin.*

The best way to know what you might pay for your condo insurance in Delray Beach is to enter your address for a quote. Getting one is fast, easy, and free.

Additional condo coverages for Delray Beach natural disasters

Delray Beach may enjoy great weather most of the year, but that doesn't mean the area is free from storms and other risks. Condo owners in Delray Beach should check their HO6 policies to make sure they’re covered for hurricanes, floods, and sinkholes.

Delray Beach hurricane coverage

Delray Beach is a common target for Atlantic hurricanes, experiencing a direct hit approximately once every five years. Residents know that the heavy rains and high winds often can result in expensive damages to their homes. Without hurricane insurance, condo unit owners are left footing the expense on their own.

Luckily, most condo policies include hurricane insurance to help pay for the damage caused by hurricane-force winds.

Delray Beach flood insurance

Hurricanes bring more than just rain and wind; they may also cause dangerous storm surges that can be several feet deep. Delray Beach’s location on the Atlantic coast puts it at risk for severe flooding during hurricane season. But even if there’s no named storm, heavy rains can cause flooding in the low-lying areas of the city.

Unfortunately, condo insurance doesn’t typically cover water damage caused by external sources, but you may be able to add Florida flood insurance to your HO6 policy. Our coverage starts at $175 per year.

Delray Beach sinkhole coverage

Sinkholes, like the one that swallowed a car in July 2022, aren’t unheard of in Delray Beach. Our HO6 insurance includes catastrophic ground cover collapse to protect against the worst-case scenario, but you can also opt for sinkhole insurance if you want protection from additional kinds of sinkhole loss.

Tips for keeping Delray Beach condo insurance affordable

Looking to spend less on insurance? One of the best ways to do that is to protect against risk. That way, you have fewer claims, which helps keep your premiums down over the long haul. Even better, we reward your actions with premium discounts for:

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*Based on the Kin Customer Savings Survey conducted February 1, 2022 - February 28, 2023.

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