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Fort Myers, located on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida, is a well-known place to settle down. From the Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve and the Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve to the Shell Factory, Manatee Park, and The Butterfly Estates, Fort Myers offers both serenity and wonder for nature enthusiasts. Given its great weather and economic opportunities, it’s easy to see why the city is both a great place to retire or to start a family. 

But its proximity to the coast means residents need affordable Florida condo insurance that addresses their big risks. Let’s take a look at the cost of condo insurance in Fort Myers and some easy tips to make sure your HO6 policy covers your bases. 

How much does condo insurance cost in Fort Myers

Florida property insurance costs are some of the highest in the country. There are several reasons for this, including excessive litigation and high-priced reinsurance. But another major factor in high insurance costs is the increase in natural disasters. 

Unfortunately, Fort Myers is in a prime location for hurricanes, and that means your condo insurance is probably higher than your fellow Floridians who live inland. 

On the bright side, we look at more than your zip code to determine premiums on HO6 policies. Your condo’s construction, wind mitigation features, and age as well as many other details come into play. 

Our efforts to fully understand our members’ risks often help them save money. On average, Kin members with condo insurance reports saving over $400 per year.

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Condo insurance and natural disasters in Fort Myers

Our condo policies are written on an open-perils basis for your home. That means your unit is protected for all sources of damage except those excluded by the policy language, so you’re typically protected in losses from fire, burst pipes, windstorms, vandalism, theft, and more. 

That’s a lot of coverage!

But Fort Myers faces some extreme situations, like hurricanes and sinkholes. Let’s take a look at how your policy responds.

Hurricane coverage

If you’ve lived in Fort Myers for any period of time, you know that Hurricane Irma was one of the worst hurricanes to hit the area in recent years. Winds exceeded 150 miles per hour, causing more than $64 billion in damages.

Because we understand how costly recovering from a hurricane can be, we include hurricane insurance in every policy. A special hurricane deductible applies for wind damage your home experiences during a named storm.

Sinkhole coverage

Thanks to limestone deposits in Florida’s soil, the ground is especially susceptible to sinkholes when it’s saturated. A sinkhole can lead to buckling walls, sagging ceilings, and cracked foundations. Without sinkhole coverage, condo owners would have to cover this damage out of pocket. 

The good news: We automatically include catastrophic ground cover collapse coverage with your condo coverage. If you’re interested in broader coverage, you can talk to a representative about sinkhole insurance.  

Tips for affordable Fort Myers condo insurance

To keep your condo insurance rates low, look for ways you can earn more discounts. For example, we reward our customers with lower rates for:

  • Wind mitigation features.

  • Fire protection systems.

  • Electronic policies.

Another way to control insurance costs? Try increasing the deductible on your policy. A higher deductible reduces your yearly premium. Look for the sweet spot between savings and what you’re comfortable covering out of pocket during a claim. We’re happy to make recommendations.

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*Customers who switched to Kin report annual savings of $437 on average on their condo insurance. Based on Kin Customer Savings Survey conducted from January 2023 through January 2024. Potential savings may vary.

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