Pet-friendly projects to add value to your home

Mon Feb 06 2023

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Most homeowners know that renovations and remodeling can add value to their homes. But what if you could find a project that boosts your home’s worth and makes Fido happy?

Pets are a part of 62% of American households, so it makes sense to keep our furry friends in mind when we want to update our homes. These pet-friendly home projects can help protect your home now and be a key selling point for future buyers.

A note about safety

Even minor renovations can pose some risk to the people and animals living in your house, so you want to take steps to protect them. That starts by finding a trustworthy contractor who works with quality materials. Ask your friends and neighbors for the names of people they’ve worked with on projects, and be sure to check that the people you hire are licensed.

Even if your contractor uses the best building materials, their work can release dust, particles, and fumes into the air. These can cause respiratory or skin issues for you and your family (pets included!) so you’ll want to keep an eye on them if you’re staying in your home while renovations are underway.

For your pets, make sure you can recognize the signs of distress. You may even want to look into pet insurance and how it works prior to remodeling. That way, you may avoid financial strain if there is a medical emergency.

Finally, we suggest checking your homeowners insurance policy before starting any remodeling project in your home – pet-friendly or not. Major renovations may call for additional coverage.

Now let’s take a look at a few pet-friendly projects that can add value to your home!

Update your floors

Floors are a constant area of concern for homeowners, but adding a pet to the mix ups the ante. Between pet claws and water dishes, floors can take a real beating, but you can minimize the damage by investing in flooring that stands up to pets.

Tile and vinyl flooring are both good options and come in a variety of colors, textures, and styles that you can customize to fit your home’s aesthetic. Even better? Both tile and vinyl flooring are resistant to various elements and require minimal maintenance.

Refresh your walls

A fresh paint job can give your walls new life, plus it’s one of the more fun projects to take on when remodeling or renovating your home.

Some paints hold up better against scrapes and are easier to clean. Others may be toxic stains, so you also want to be conscious of what paints are safest to use around pets. It might be worth spending the money for a high-quality, non-toxic paint that doesn’t admit harsh fumes. Look for satin or semi-gloss finishes, as they are less likely to show wear and tear than flat or matte. They are also usually easier to touch up over the years.

Install built-in gates

Installing built-in and pocket gates around your home is a great addition when you’re concerned about safety. They can be installed next to cabinets in kitchens or in the walkways between rooms, so you can tuck them away until you need them.

Having gates lets you close off rooms or spaces that you don’t want your pets to access. You can keep them out of the kitchen when you’re busy making dinner or away from a room that you’re cleaning. These added barriers are also very smart for homes with small children as they can double as baby gates.

Add fences and landscaping

Making changes to your yard with your dog or cat in mind can offer them safety and while also improving the value of your property. A good example of this is fencing, which can create privacy for your family and keep your pets safe in your yard. When you add a fence, you want to take into account the size of your dog or the craftiness of your cat. These will impact both height and materials you use to create a fenced-in area they can’t escape.

Another pet-friendly project is landscaping your yard so it offers shade for your animals in hot summer months. Just be sure to plant pet-safe trees and shrubs.

Upgrade your mudroom

Pet-friendly features in your mudroom can make a world of difference when you’re trying to keep your home dirt free. Some options you might want to install include:

  • A sink with a high-arc faucet or spray hose.
  • A small tiled shower area.
  • Shelving or cubbies to hold your pet’s gear, like leashes, coats, toys, and waste bags.
  • A built-in kennel.

Some of these pet-friendly options have benefits for the humans in your family, too. Deep sinks or shower areas give you a place to hose off mud, and thoughtful storage is always a good idea for keeping your stuff organized.

Looking for more ways to ensure your pet lives a long and love-filled life? Check out our tips on how to protect your pet at home!


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