Kinfolk helping kinfolk after Hurricane Ian

Mon Oct 17 2022

A topographic map of the Caribbean Sea from September 26, 2022 showing Hurricane Ian approaching Florida

There’s little doubt that Hurricane Ian will go down in history as one of the most destructive storms to date – or that the path to recovery is going to be a long one. But what’s also clear is that sometimes the worst situations bring out the best in all of us. Nothing paints the picture better than what our Kinfolk are experiencing at Florida’s insurance villages.

It takes an (insurance) village

Once Hurricane Ian finished its devastating path through Florida, the Florida Department of Financial Services established two Initial Payment Centers, one in Port Charlotte, the other in Fort Myers. The goal of these centers, often referred to as insurance villages, is to give people impacted by the hurricane a chance to speak face-to-face with their insurance companies’ representatives.

In addition to a long list of insurance providers , both villages also have representatives from the following organizations:

The idea sounds simple enough: get people who don’t have cell or internet service the assistance they need as quickly as possible.

However, the insurance villages go so much further than that. Yes, affected homeowners can file insurance claims, and that will go a long way towards helping them rebuild. But the more important recovery may come from seeing how the community rallies around them.

One of our kinfolk sits at an insurance village ready to help

At least, that’s what our Kinfolk stationed at these insurance villages are telling us. Whether our employees are helping a homeowner navigate a claim, issuing a check for additional living expenses, answering questions about the claims process, or simply sitting by someone’s side and listening to their story, we know that our highest priority is taking care of our members.

Kinfolk pitch in

We pride ourselves on being a direct-to-consumer insurance company, and that’s never been more apparent than in the long days and dedicated service that our people have shown at the insurance villages. But that’s just one part of our efforts to help members get their claims filed and their homes repaired as quickly as possible.

Our tech-driven approach, organizational capabilities, and straight-up hustle have been on display before, during and after Ian’s landfall. Some examples include:

  • Overlaying real-time weather updates from the National Hurricane Center on our policies to identify which homes were in the storm’s path.
  • Alerting those members three days before landfall that they may be impacted by the hurricane so they can gather supplies and secure their homes.
  • Checking in on members after the hurricane to see if they’re okay and if they need to file a claim.
  • Using aerial imagery to review hundreds of properties for damage so we can tell members who’ve been evacuated about the condition of their homes.
  • Mobilizing a cross-company effort to contact members who’ve filed claims, allowing us to check-in on their well-being and get the claims process started as efficiently as possible.

When disaster hits, we want to be there for you. Please see our Hurricane Ian Assistance page for more details about where to get resources, including free tarps, temporary housing, and distribution points for food, water, and ice.