Your guide to homeowners insurance in Daytona Beach, FL

Learn how to find reliable homeowners insurance in Daytona Beach.

Finding affordable homeowners insurance in Daytona Beach, Florida

Daytona Beach is a prime tourist destination with 23 miles of beach along the Atlantic coast. Locals and tourists enjoy bicycling down to the Boardwalk and Pier, catching thrills at the International Speedway, and visiting historic sites along the coast.

Locals also know the less sunny side of Daytona Beach and its susceptibility to hurricanes. With a hurricane season that lasts from June through November, Daytona Beach is a prime target for a direct hit. That can make buying Florida homeowners insurance expensive for homeowners – unless they shop with Kin. The average cost for Kin’s Daytona Beach policyholders is $876 per year.

Daytona Beach home insurance costs

When it comes to homeowners insurance, Florida ranks among the most expensive states in the nation with an average rate of $1,951 a year for all carriers. Kin has worked hard to innovate and bring the price down in places like Daytona Beach.

The chart below shows average home insurance prices for Kin and other Florida carriers. These costs are dependent on the value of the home, its age, and wind mitigation measures. The average premium for a $300k newly built home is $992 with Kin.

| Average Daytona Beach Home Insurance Premiums by Carrier x Home Value |

Home value Kin Security First Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company Tower Hill Preferred State Farm
$150k, Pre-2001 Construction, No Wind Mit $897 $1,641 $2,180 $1,783 $2,489
$150k, Pre-2001 Construction w/ Wind Mit $739 $1,210 $949 $998 $1,791
$300k New Construction $992 $1,911 $1,871 $1,793 $3,136

The chart gives you an initial idea of how different variables (including the provider) impact your premium. That said, the only way to get a real impression of how much your Daytona home insurance will be is to get a quote.

What Daytona Beach home insurance covers

If your homeowners insurance policy is an HO3 policy (the perfect mix of affordability and robust coverage), it provides the following:

  • Replacement-cost dwelling coverage: Helps you rebuild your home after a covered claim.
  • Other structures coverage: Protects other structures on your property that aren’t your dwelling, like your shed, garage, barn, etc.
  • Personal property coverage: Covers your personal belongings in the home, such as your furniture, clothing, appliances, and more.
  • Loss of use coverage: Helps pay for additional expenses, such as hotel stays, takeout, and more when you are displaced from your home during a claim.
  • Personal liability coverage: Covers legal expenses for injuries or personal property damage you’re responsible for.
  • Medical payments coverage: Pays for minor medical bills if visitors are hurt on your property to deter bigger liability claims.

Your Kin representative can customize your policy with additional endorsements, too, like animal liability insurance, hurricane screen enclosure coverage, and more. Give us a call at 855-717-0022.

Covering Daytona Beach’s major risks

Your policy covers the usual perils, such as fire, wind damage, vandalism, and theft. With one in 17 people becoming the victim of either a violent or property crime in Daytona Beach, getting the right property protection is imperative. On top of that, homeowners must be prepared for natural disasters, such as hurricanes, floods, and sinkholes.

Daytona Beach hurricane coverage

Hurricanes have created a lot of destruction in Daytona Beach. While a direct hit from a hurricane often happens in the southern part of the state, this area is still subject to high winds and waves from hurricanes and storms.

Hurricane Dorian made direct contact with the Bahamas and Southern Florida first, causing many downed trees and power lines and damage to homes.

Hurricane insurance pays for damage caused by hurricane winds, and all Kin policies include this protection. If you make a claim after a hurricane hits, your separate hurricane deductible will apply.

Daytona Beach flood insurance

Daytona Beach has two areas that are especially prone to flooding: the Atlantic coast and the Halifax Rivers. Residents near these bodies of water are at significant risk from storm-surge flooding.

Luckily, it’s easy to add flood insurance to your policy. This is the only type of coverage that pays for water damage caused by storm surges. Ask your Kin representative about it.

Sinkhole coverage in Daytona Beach

Geologists continue to study Florida’s sinkholes. The ground surrounding Daytona Beach contains a lot of limestone which can dissolve and collapse after saturation. Without the right insurance coverage, homeowners are left to deal with the buckling walls, collapsed floors, and cracks in the pavement on their own.

You can add sinkhole coverage to your Kin policy as a simple endorsement so that one policy will cover this significant (and costly) threat.

Tips for lowering Daytona Beach home insurance costs

Looking for ways to save on your home insurance? We offer the following discounts for Daytona Beach homeowners:

  • Protective device discounts (think security alarms, smoke detectors, and leak detection devices, etc.).
  • Wind mitigation credits.
  • New home discount.
  • Electronic policy discount.

Other ways to save? You might consider increasing your deductible and not filing tiny claims. A higher deductible reduces your premium, and insurers tend to reward homeowners who make fewer non-catastrophic claims. Just be sure you take on a deductible that you can comfortably afford.

If you have any questions about getting insured in Daytona Beach, call us at 855-717-0022.

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