Smart Home Technology That Can Help Protect Your Home

Tue Sep 25 2018

Smart Tech That Protects Your Home

Theft is a risk for any home. According to the Insurance Information Institute, about one in 250 insured homes makes a theft claim each year. Though it’s not the most frequent home insurance claim (that honor goes to property damage caused by wind and hail), theft can still cost more than homeowners may expect. The average theft claim runs about $4,146.

So how can you keep your home safer and help prevent break-ins? Let’s look at how you can use smart home technology to help protect your home from theft, vandalism, or intrusions.

1. Upgrade Your Lock

Whether you’re just leaving the house to go to work in the morning or you’re headed away for a week-long vacation, your first and most basic line of defense against burglars is a lock.

Smart locks eliminate the question “Did I remember to lock the door?” These locks correspond to an app that lets you check on the status of your lock with your smartphone. Some smart locks even have anti-tampering technology. You receive a notification on your phone if someone tries to break your lock.

2. Keep an Eye Out for Trespassers

Smart cameras and smart sensors also help boost your home’s security. These can alert you to unexpected visitors or trespassers through your smartphone.

For example, say you install a smart sensor that detects motion outside your house on your front porch. When the smart sensor detects motion, it will notify you via your smartphone so you know when someone is on your property.

3. Sound the Alarm

If an intruder does enter your property, a smart siren may help scare them off. If it’s connected to your camera or sensor, these can trigger the siren to go off. You can often choose between audible sirens or flashing strobe lights.

Some smart sirens will also send you a notification on your phone, so you can take action quickly to call the authorities to protect your home.

Most smart home technology can be integrated into centrally monitored systems, too. That’s worth noting if you want to take advantage of insurance discounts available to secure homes.

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