Smart bathroom technology you didn’t know you needed

Mon Aug 29 2022

A woman looks at her reflection in a smart bathroom mirror with displays of the weather, news, and a health check

When someone talks about smart technology for your home, your bathroom probably isn’t the first place that pops into your head. But smart bathrooms are here, and you’ll find there are a ton of new technologies that can improve the comfort, convenience, and safety in one of the most important rooms in your house.

What is a smart bathroom?

Smart bathrooms are equipped with technology that allows you to customize your bathroom experience. That often means it’s connected to mobile or networked devices that allow you to control your bathroom technology remotely.

Imagine, for example, using your smartphone to turn on your shower before you get out of bed, or watching the news in your vanity mirror as you brush your teeth. Some people have even installed chromotherapy showers.

Benefits of smart bathroom technology

Many homeowners are drawn to smart technology that protects their homes. Who doesn’t love the idea of turning on your lights before you get home or double checking your locks when you’re out on the town? The same can be true for smart bathroom technology like voice-activated night lights and touchless faucets and toilets.

Convenience and comfort can also play a big role. Think personalized temperature settings, cabinets that keep medicines cool, and ventilation systems that automatically respond to humidity levels in your bathroom.

But for all of the creature comforts and safety features available, smart bathrooms can also be great for your bank account. Many bathroom tech ideas are geared towards reducing water consumption. Plus, smart technology is in high demand and may increase your home’s market value.

Types of smart bathroom technologies

Wondering just how you can make your bathroom smarter? Here are some bathroom tech ideas to investigate.

Warming drawers and racks

Don’t use a cold towel or robe ever again. Instead, get a smart warming drawer or towel rack that lets you set the temperature and then has your smart system shut it off at the right time. You get towels at the perfect temperature whenever you want them.

Smart toilets

Smart toilets can come with an amazing array of features. For example, you can get smart toilets with:

  • Built-in seat warmers so your bum doesn’t get shocked by a cold seat.
  • Automatic lids that raise with the wave of your hand.
  • Motion-activated night lights so you can see in the middle of the night.
  • Self-cleaning features to lighten your household duties.
  • Overflow detectors that stop you from flushing when there’s a clog.

Smart showers

Smart showers can also have a variety of features. You’ll often find they have technology that allows you to control the temperature, water pressure, and shower duration with a smartphone app or in-shower controls. These features can also improve your shower’s efficiency.

Voice-activated lighting

Making your bathroom safer for anyone at risk for falls is enough of a reason to invest in voice-activated lighting. Plus, you can control more than the overhead lights with technology. You can get mirror lights that adjust on command to make it easier to put makeup on properly.

Smart mirrors

Did you know that your mirror can become an information hub? Mirrors today can be interactive so you can set yours up with the day’s forecast, headlines, and traffic updates. That’s much simpler than trying to get ready while checking your phone or running out to catch the traffic report on your television.

Smart faucets

Like smart showers, smart faucets can help you reduce water waste while also controlling temperature and pressure. You can find faucets that you work via your smartphone or that are activated by voice or motion, as well as one-touch faucets. These usually operate with just a single touch anywhere on the spout or handle.

Smart bath mats

Most bath mats do little more than lie on the floor. But smart bath mats can help you stay healthy by measuring your weight, body-mass index, and even your posture. That’s right! You can buy a smart mat that reminds you to stand tall just like your mom did when you were a kid. Some even record your information in a smartphone app and send you exercise suggestions.

Smart water sensors

While they may not be as showy as some of our other bathroom tech ideas, smart water sensors can save you money should you have a leak. They detect water where there shouldn’t be any and alert you via your smartphone. Some even alert you to high humidity levels or pipes that are in danger of freezing. This gives you time to minimize damage to your home – which means less expensive repairs and easier clean up for you!

There are a lot of positives to smart bathrooms, but remember that upgrading your technology can impact your homeowners insurance. Some might require additional coverage. Others, like a smart water sensor, may result in a premium discount. If you make an upgrade to your home, you may also have to update your homeowners policy.