5 Steps to Prevent Mold After a Flood

Hurricane season is the time to be vigilant. Even passing storms can cause significant flooding, and even an inch of water in the home can cause extensive and expensive water damage.

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California Wildfire Statistics

California wildfire season is the hottest and driest part of the year: May through October. Though climate change has altered wildfire season as we know it, homeowners should be extra vigilant during warmer months. Wildfires are only getting more frequent and severe.

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How Are Hurricanes Named?

Hurricanes are named so that they are easy to remember and communicate. But it wasn’t always that way. 

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How to Make a Disaster Preparedness Plan

September is National Disaster Preparedness Month. If you haven’t made an emergency plan yet, now’s the time.

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How to Find Your Mobile Home’s VIN Number

If you have a mobile home and you need insurance, chances are you need to get familiar with your vehicle identification number (VIN). The VIN on your mobile home is more than just a registration number – it holds key information about your mobile home.

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Uninsured Areas Are Hit Hardest by Disasters

Natural disasters are getting worse each year, and that leaves the most vulnerable areas and homeowners exposed to the most damage.

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Fire Tornadoes: Everything You Need to Know

As if the pandemic, hurricanes, and wildfires weren’t enough, 2020 seems to have yet another horror up its sleeve: the fire tornado.

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We Just Raised $35M in Series B Funding to Fix Home Insurance

Big, exciting news! We’re happy to announce we raised $35 million in Series B funding from a team of visionary investors. 

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Why Granular Data Matters in Insurance

Most insurance companies were founded before the invention of color TV. That kind of tenure can be a double-edged sword: sure, the expertise is there, but what about a taste for change? The vision and desire to do things, well, better?

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How Much Is My Home Worth?

Your home’s value comes into play when you’re selling your home, refinancing a mortgage, or getting insurance.

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