Halloween Safety Tips During COVID-19

Like everything else this year, COVID-19 is changing how we do Halloween, too. If you still want to celebrate the spooky season, here’s how you and your family can do it safely, according to the CDC.

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12 Easy Ways to Reduce Energy Bills

Energy costs are on the rise, and with winter around the corner, now’s a good time to figure out what small changes you can make to keep that energy bill in check.

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Reminder: Home Insurance Covers More Than Just Your Home

Home insurance covers your home, belongings, and other structures for common sources of damage, like fire, theft, wind, hail, vandalism, smoke, and more. But it also covers you.

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The Ultimate Household Budget Worksheet

Your household budget doesn’t have to be complicated. A functional household budget simply accounts for money that comes in and money that goes out. That can be as simple as dedicating 50 percent of your money toward needs, 30 percent toward wants, and 20 percent for savings or debt repayment.

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11 Reasons Home Insurance Rates Increase Every Year

If it seems like home insurance prices increase every year at renewal, you’re not imagining it. Insurance rates are adjusted on a regular basis to reflect the ever-changing risk landscape.

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Wildfire Season Is Year-Round

“We don’t even call it a season anymore. There’s no such thing as a fire season,” Scott McLean, Cal Fire's Deputy Chief of Communications, said in an interview with Yahoo News. “Right now, we’re looking at a fire year. We’re having fires every month of the year.”

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California Homeowners: It’s Time for Better Insurance

In recent years, the California insurance market has changed drastically in response to the state’s severe wildfires. And climate change is only making the problem worse.

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5 Steps to Prevent Mold After a Flood

Hurricane season is the time to be vigilant. Even passing storms can cause significant flooding, and even an inch of water in the home can cause extensive and expensive water damage.

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California Wildfire Statistics

California wildfire season is the hottest and driest part of the year: May through October. Though climate change has altered wildfire season as we know it, homeowners should be extra vigilant during warmer months. Wildfires are only getting more frequent and severe.

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How Are Hurricanes Named?

Hurricanes are named so that they are easy to remember and communicate. But it wasn’t always that way. 

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