What to Do If You Received a Cancellation Notice from Velocity

Cancellation Notice Next Steps

Don't panic! That cancellation notice is the first step in improving your experience with Kin.

We initially partnered with Velocity, but we now created the Kin Interinsurance Network, which operates solely to serve our members and keep prices low.

The Kin Interinsurance Network is a progression beyond our former partnership with Velocity. We can now move faster, create our own products, and offer you a better customer experience. The non-renewal notice from Velocity is a normal part of the switchover.

To continue your coverage, simply create a new password in your Kin customer portal and sign your new insurance documents. Our teams are reaching out to each customer to help with this process, but give us a call at 954-280-2122 with any concerns.

Still have questions? Let’s break it down.

What This Means for Your Policy


Your coverage is still in effect until your current Velocity policy’s expiration date, but in order to continue with Kin, we only need your e-signature on your new insurance documentation with the Kin Interinsurance Network.

The Kin Interinsurance Network is rated of “A – Exceptional” from Demotech, Inc. That means we have the financial backing to pay claims. We also have an “Excellent” rating from Trustpilot.

“I plan on using Kin from now on. These guys really bend over backward to make something work for you and give the best prices around.” – Stan V.

When to Transfer Your Coverage to Kin

In order to transfer your coverage from Velocity to the Kin Interinsurance Network smoothly at the time of renewal, complete your enrollment now by logging in to your Kin customer portal. You can quickly transfer to a new Kin policy today, though you have until your Velocity policy’s expiration date to think it over.

Switching now means you don’t have to worry about accidental lapses in coverage later.

What You Can Expect as a Kin Policyholder

Our company is structured so that members have a say in all we do. We use your feedback to create new products and offer new discounts.

We also handle all aspects of your policy, from servicing to claims. Our goal is to exceed your expectations at every turn.

“Extremely knowledgeable agents help you find the best policy and coverage in your price range. This was the easiest process to go through. Very happy we found Kin Insurance.” – Pamela G.


Reminder: Continuous Coverage Matters

Mortgage companies usually require continuous insurance coverage, so it’s important to get your policy transitioned before your expiration date.

Let's keep your home protected.

Give us a call at 954-280-2122 or email customerwellness@kin.com – we’re ready to help.

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