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Texas has a reputation for being big – both in size and attitude. But the Lone Star State could also be known for storms. Not only does Texas see plenty of thunderstorms, it also leads the nation in tornadoes. And we haven’t even mentioned the chance for hurricanes along the Gulf Coast! 

These weather risks make mobile home insurance essential in Texas. Coverage protects you from financial loss due to several weather events, including windstorms, hail, and lightning strikes. Joining Kin gets you affordable Texas mobile home insurance plus top-notch customer service. But don’t just take our word for it – check out our customer reviews.

What is mobile home insurance?

In Texas, mobile home insurance covers you if one of several perils causes damage to your:

  • Dwelling. 

  • Personal belongings.

  • Other structures on your property.

Our policies also help cover costs if:

  • Covered damages make your mobile home temporarily uninhabitable.

  • Someone claims you’re responsible for their bodily injury or property damage.

  • A guest is injured on your property.

We offer both replacement cost and actual cash value (ACV) coverage. While ACV policies are less expensive, getting replacement cost coverage usually allows you to replace your property with available items that are of like kind and quality.

You know what else you get when you buy your manufactured home insurance from us? A company with the financial strength to protect your home. Our A – Exceptional rating from Demotech, Inc. says it all.


So do you need mobile home insurance or manufactured home insurance?

In truth, mobile homes and manufactured homes are very similar. Both are built on a chassis in a factory and transported to their building site. The big difference is that manufactured homes meet the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) instituted safety standards.

The result? People tend to use these terms interchangeably, so we do, too. 

Additional coverage options

You can also select endorsements, including ones that:

Buying these and other endorsements can help you tailor your coverage for your situation. 

How is mobile home insurance different from homeowners insurance?

Mobile home and standard home insurance typically offer similar coverage for the same types of perils, including fire, theft, windstorm, and burst pipes. 

However, mobile homes have a greater chance of suffering damage because they're often made of lighter materials and not secured to the ground or a foundation. The insurance industry’s response to this additional risk is the HO7 policy for mobile homes.

You should note, too, that modular homes are a different type of factory-made home altogether. Modular homes are built off-site in sections to the same state, city, and local standard as traditionally built homes.  These homes usually require standard home insurance.

How much does mobile home insurance cost?

Every mobile home is different, so the cost of insuring them varies. Some factors that insurance companies may weigh when determining your premium include: 

  • Your location.

  • Your mobile home’s age.

  • Your mobile home’s square footage.

  • Renovations you’ve made.

  • Your claims history.

  • Your personal property’s value.

The best way to get an accurate estimate for your premium is to get a quote. Our knowledgeable representatives can help you with a quote in a matter of minutes.

Available deductibles with Kin

In Texas, our mobile home insurance policies have three deductibles:

Manufactured home insurance discounts

You may be eligible for discounts if you: 

  • Live in a mobile park.

  • Are 50 years or older.

  • Have a clean claims history.

Texas mobile home insurance requirements

Ready to get a quote? First, let’s make sure you meet some of our eligibility requirements. Some of our requirements include:

  • Own a mobile home that meets HUD standards.

  • Use anchored tie-downs in accordance with Texas state and local regulations.

  • Have permanently installed utilities.

  • Keep up with regular maintenance.

Meeting these and other requirements are an important part of having a safe manufactured home.

How to get a manufactured home insurance quote

Our representatives can walk you through the details of getting an insurance quote or you can enter your address. Either way, you can get a more accurate quote if you have: 

  • Your mobile home’s vehicle identification number, typically found on the data plate.

  • Proof of prior insurance.

  • Evidence of any safety upgrades made to your home, like receipts.

We also recommend having a good idea of the value of your personal belongings.

It’s really that easy. Call us at 855-717-0022 or enter your address now to see how much we can save you on your Texas mobile home insurance today.

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