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Slidell sits just northeast of Lake Pontchartrain across from New Orleans, but that’s not the only water its 27,800 residents get to enjoy. The Camellia City is also close to Bayou Bonfouca and the Pearl River, which means Slidell citizens can spend long summer days fishing, sailing, and canoeing.

However, the city’s proximity to New Orleans says a lot about the hurricane and flood risks that Sidell’s 9,800 household homeowners face every year. Louisiana is already one of the most expensive states to insure a home, and this is an area on the higher end of that range. But without the right Louisiana home insurance policy, you could be left footing the bill for damages all on your own.

Slidell homeowners insurance cost comparison

Homeowners insurance in Slidell, LA has to cover standard risks as well as the added perils of dangerous hurricanes and floods. This makes pricing more expensive on average.

However, we offer some of the best rates in the state of Louisiana. According to our most recent data, the average Slidell homeowners insurance policy costs $3,235 per year. The average annual premium for policies purchased through Kin* is just $2,099 per year.

Location isn’t the only factor that goes into your insurance premium. Your rate may also depend on your home’s age and size and the types of building materials used. Newer homes tend to get better rates than older homes because they meet new building codes and are less likely to suffer major losses.

What Slidell home insurance covers

Home insurance placed through Kin typically include these six major coverages:

Our Slidell homeowners insurance covers damage from windstorms, like hurricanes. However, policies have a separate hurricane deductible that applies to damage incurred during a named storm.

Unique Risks for Slidell Homeowners

Slidell is in one of the worst hurricane zones in the nation. Since 1930, the city has been hit by 62 hurricanes, and the intensity of these storms have been increasing every year. Moreover, the city’s low elevation and proximity to water make the risk for flooding high.

While homeowners policies purchased through us typically cover wind damage, they seldom pay for damage from storm surge and other external flooding. You can, however, get flood insurance to cover those costs. In fact, you may be required to get flood insurance if you’re in a flood zone. Be sure to check with the Slidell floodplain administrator to learn what your responsibilities are.

Tips for lowering Slidell homeowners insurance costs

Homeowners insurance in Slidell is expensive, but you may be eligible for a discount. Our customers may earn discounts for:

You can also do what some homeowners do to save money on insurance: increase the deductible. This is the portion of a claim that you have to pay, so should probably only increase it if you’re comfortable coming up with the entire amount if you have a loss. Our homeowners insurance in Slidell offers both hurricane and AOP deductibles of:

  • $500.
  • $1,000.
  • $2,500.
  • $5,000.
  • $7,500.
  • $10,000.
  • Or 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%, or 10% of Coverage A.

If you have any questions about getting homeowners insurance in Slidell, LA or would like a quote, enter your address or call us at 855-717-0022.

*Kin is Kin Insurance Network Distributor, LLC, a licensed surplus lines producer.

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