Do I need a wind mitigation inspection in Louisiana?

Getting a windstorm inspection in Louisiana can mean tax breaks and insurance discounts.

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You really only need a wind mitigation inspection in Louisiana if you want to take advantage of the state’s residential property storm mitigation incentives. These incentives include insurance discounts and tax breaks.

But there’s an even better reason for getting your home’s wind mitigation features inspected (if a lower premium on your home insurance isn’t enough!). A wind mitigation inspection can show how resilient your home is and where you can make improvements to better protect your home.

What is the Louisiana storm mitigation incentive program? 

The Louisiana storm mitigation program incentivizes homeowners to strengthen their properties against storms and hurricanes through a specified list of improvements or upgrades. Any property owner in Louisiana can participate in the program to retrofit their current residence or to build a new home that meets the program requirements. 

The damage mitigation improvements and construction techniques that are typically included in the program include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Building design

  • Roof bracing

  • Secondary water barriers

  • Opening protection

  • Roof-to-wall strength

  • Roof deck attachment

  • Roof covering and roof covering performance 

  • Wall-to-floor-to-foundation strength

  • Window, door, and skylight strength

  • Other mitigation improvements and/or construction techniques that the insurer may determine to reduce the risk of loss due to wind

Upon completing the wind mitigation process and undergoing a certified inspection, you may be eligible for tax breaks or a premium discount. You can demonstrate that you're eligible with documentation from a:

  • Building code enforcement officer.

  • Registered architect or engineer.

  • Registered third-party provider authorized by the Louisiana State Uniform Construction Code Council to conduct building inspections. (For a list of registered third-party  providers, you can visit the Louisiana State Uniform Construction Code Council.)

You may also have to complete the Louisiana Hurricane Loss Mitigation Form or other documentation to demonstrate compliance.

Premium discounts apply to one- or two-family homes when they are occupied by the owner and modular homes. Mobile homes, manufactured homes, commercial properties, and  commercial residential properties with three or more units are not eligible for premium discounts.

What are the benefits of mitigating your wind risk?

If your home is in a high-risk area, mitigating wind risk is a really good idea – and the potential discounts on your home insurance is only one of the perks. For instance, getting a wind mitigation inspection also provides you with:

  • An evaluation of your home's ability to withstand hurricane-force winds

  • An outline of the improvements that you should make to the home to increase its resistance to hurricane wind damage

  • A receipt of certain tax credits as outlined by the program

Nothing can guarantee absolute protection from wind damage along the Louisiana coast, but many retrofitting projects can harden your home and minimize the damage you might experience.

How much does a wind mitigation inspection cost in Louisiana?

A wind mitigation inspection in Louisiana typically costs between $75 and $150. 

How much can I save by getting a wind mitigation inspection? 

Discounts vary by insurance company. Louisiana property owners who get a wind mitigation inspection may also be eligible for:

  • Tax deductions for voluntarily retrofitting an existing residential structure to bring it into compliance with the new building code

  • Exclusions from local sales and use tax when purchasing storm shutter devices for hurricane protection.

How can I get a wind mitigation inspection in Louisiana? 

Your wind mitigation inspection and certification in Louisiana must be performed by a building code enforcement officer, registered architect or engineer, or a registered third-party provider authorized by the state to perform building inspections. 

For a list of registered third-party providers, visit the database provided by the Louisiana State Uniform Construction Code Council

Are there other ways to mitigate wind risk?

Other ways to reduce your risk for wind damage include:

  • Investing in impact-resistant windows and doors, or if necessary, hurricane shutters.

  • Getting a professional to install hurricane clips.

  • Installing a wind- and impact-rated garage door.

  • Checking that your soffits were properly installed.

  • Retrofitting gable ends.

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