What is a roof deductible in Florida?

A roof deductible is the amount of money you’re responsible for paying before your insurance company covers a claim for roof damage caused by events other than a hurricane.

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Like any deductible, a roof deductible is a specific dollar amount or percentage of loss that you, the insured, is required to cover in a claim. The only differences are that a roof deductible is optional and it applies only to roof damage. 

In Florida, roof damage deductibles are treated very specifically based on the provisions in Florida Statute 627.701(10). For example, the law in Florida says a roof deductible is allowed if you’ve received a premium credit or discount, and it has to be either 2% of your dwelling limits or 50% of the cost to replace the roof, whichever is less.

Kin does not currently offer policies with separate roof deductibles.

When do roof deductibles apply in Florida?

Florida roof deductibles only apply only to replacement cost roof damage claims and do not apply if the damage is:

  • A total loss from covered perils. 

  • Caused by a hurricane.

  • Results in repairs for less than 50% of the roof.

  • Caused by a tree fall or other hazard piercing the roof deck.

If your home insurance policy has a separate roof deductible and you experience an applicable loss, then no other deductible can apply. 

Other deductibles on Florida homeowners policies

While insurance companies writing policies in Florida are not required to offer a roof deductible, they do have to offer separate hurricane deductible options. That's in addition to the all other perils (AOP) deductible. Our Florida members can choose a hurricane deductible of 1%, 2% 3%, 5%, 10% of their Coverage A or a flat amount of $500.

The benefits of a separate roof deductible

A separate roof deductible allows a homeowner to isolate both the risks and the costs of roof damage due to a hurricane from damage caused by another type of covered event. This provides for greater flexibility in controlling out-of-pocket expenses and associated premiums for maximum savings.

Keeping up with changing insurance regulations in Florida

In recent years, Florida homeowners have had a variety of challenges due to insurance industry changes caused by insurance and roofing fraud, severe storm damage, and lawsuits filed against insurance companies. These challenges resulted in a number of changes to the laws regulating roofing damage guidelines, litigation limits, and deductible flexibility. 

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