UPC Insurance Review

UPC Insurance Review: What the Consumer Data Says

Note: United Holdings Corporation, parent company of United Property and Casualty Insurance has filed plans to withdraw operations in Florida, Louisiana, and Texas, and has announced plans to file for withdrawl from from New York.

The goal of this United Property & Casualty Insurance review is to look at real data from third-party sources to see how it stacks up in customer experience, price, and claims. We consider the real consumer reviews provided on third-party review websites. That way, you can make informed decisions as you look for the best home insurance in Florida and Louisiana.

UPC Insurance considers itself a coastal state expert, providing homeowners insurance to vulnerable areas since 1999. They are licensed in 18 states and write new business in 12. UPC Insurance ratings with Demotech remain an A (exceptional) and the company is publicly traded on NASDAQ. It offers homeowners, condo, renters, landlord, and flood insurance and its Florida market share is a 3.66 percent.

UPC Insurance vs. Kin on Customer Reviews

UPC Insurance has a relatively small number of Clearsurance reviews: 44. About 30 percent of customers give UPC excellent ratings and 39 percent rated them poor. Positive reviews cite a good claims adjuster or positive experience with the sales team.

By contrast, keeping the insurance process simple with well-trained agents is where Kin excels. Our 1,500 Trustpilot reviews cite the professionalism and knowledge of our representatives.

On average, customers rate Kin 4.8 out of 5; UPC’s average is 1.9.

Bottom line: Training your team is important to making sure policyholders get the right coverage before they need it.

UPC Insurance vs. Kin on Average Premium

Florida homeowners are unfortunately accustomed to paying high premiums for sub-par insurance. We credit UPC for offering competitively-priced coverage. Their average premium for a $300,000 newly built home is $1,723 a year, but it’s still higher than our average of $1,354 a year. UPC costs about 27 percent more than Kin.

Average Annual Premium for a $300k Newly Built Home

State Kin Average Premium UPC Average Premium
Florida $1,354 $1,723
Louisiana $1,565 $1,386

Your rate will likely differ from the state average with any insurance carrier – either higher or lower. Every homeowners insurance policy is underwritten based on the home’s location, size, construction, and claims history.

UPC vs. Kin on Claims

Claims demonstrate whether or not an insurance carrier fulfills its promise to policyholders. Customers can pay premiums for years without ever having a claim and be perfectly content; the difference is whether or not claims are handled properly and fairly.

UPC has mixed reviews with how claims are handled, which suggests the customer’s experience is contingent on the claims adjuster.

We train our claims team to be consistent, fair, and fast. Technology helps us streamline processing and take subjectivity out of an adjuster’s report. The promise to be there for you when a disaster hits is something we take to heart. That’s why we get in touch after major storms just to check-in.

When you do experience a loss and need fast repairs, our Managed Repair Network pairs you with licensed, insured, and local contractors to get the work done professionally.

See what we can do for you. Get a quote today.

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