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St. Johns Insurance Review: What the Consumer Data Says

This St. Johns Insurance review is based on information from review sites and the NAIC. The goal is to see how the company fares compared to Kin on reviews, price, official complaints, and claims. What does it take to truly be the best home insurance company?

St. Johns states it promises policyholders a “high level of attentive, personal services, from experienced professionals who understand the issues homeowners face.” This carrier provides homeowners, condo, landlord, and personal umbrella insurance and writes 2.84 percent of Florida's home insurance policies. 

St. Johns Insurance vs. Kin on Customer Reviews

According to Clearsurance, St. Johns Insurance is rated 3.43 out of 5 based on a handful of reviews. Though the sample size is limited, St. Johns customers feel that the company offers “good insurance at a fair price” with “friendly” representatives. One five-star review was after Hurricane Irma and claimed that the roof damage was assessed quickly and that the claim was settled for “more than a fair amount.” 

By contrast, customers rate Kin 4.8 out of 5 based on 750+ reviews, a substantial sample size that demonstrates consistent, across-the-board satisfaction. Our customer reviews note our professionalism, excellent customer service, and savings.

st johns average customer review

Bottom line: A couple glowing reviews are nice compliments. Hundreds of them indicate a solid trend.

St. Johns Insurance Complaint Score

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) created its Complaint Index to measure how a company compares to others based on the number of complaints for its market share. The NAIC realizes that market share will skew the number of complaints a company will receive and established the index to create a universal assessment. 

The NAIC Complaint Index sets the median score at 1. When a company has a Complaint Index score of 1, the company receives the expected number of complaints for an insurer of its size and market share. Below one means the company has fewer complaints than expected while a score of 2 means the company has twice as many expected complaints.

Every company should strive to have no complaints, though that isn’t always possible. Even the best run companies make mistakes or have misunderstandings with customers.

Kin's complaint score is 0. St. Johns Insurance has 108 complaints and a complaint score of 3.43 – three times more complaints than expected for a company of its size.

NAIC complaint score finalSt. Johns Insurance vs. Kin on Average Premium

Florida homeowners insurance is the most expensive anywhere in the nation, thanks to repeated storms and catastrophe claims. That's why price is so important when homeowners shop for new coverage. Most are trying to find affordable coverage where they can. 

On price alone, St. Johns Insurance isn't as expensive as some Florida insurance companies, but it's no match for Kin. St. Johns Insurance average annual premium is $1,737, about 28 percent higher than Kin's for a $300,ooo newly built home. Our average is $1,354 – about $383 less a year.

Average Annual Premium Comparison

Value of Home Kin Insurance St. Johns Insurance
$300k New Build $1,354 $1,737

Your costs will vary based on your home's replacement cost, construction, age, and more. Your location also plays a considerable role in how much you'll pay for coverage. Check out our city price guides here.

St. Johns Insurance vs. Kin on Claims

 It is difficult to discern whether St. Johns Insurance lives up to its promise in clams. The few reviews that it has are positive yet the company has more than three times the expected complaints with the NAIC. 

We understand claims are a big pain point for Florida homeowners, especially after a decade of intense hurricane seasons. Customers should feel confident their insurance company is in the fight with them, not against them. 

This is why Kin checks in with every policyholder after a major storm. In doing so, we are able to learn about damages faster for those who need us and touch base with those who don’t. 

Our commitment goes beyond just making a phone call. We invest in technology that helps assess and process claims faster than just about anyone in the business. We  also created our Managed Repair Network to help homeowners find reputable and local contractors to do repairs professionally and quickly. This network pairs policyholders with the right contractor, and the customer always gets final say in who they trust with their repairs. 

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