Safepoint Insurance Review

Safepoint Insurance Review: A Look at the Data

You have a lot of choices when shopping for home insurance. But how can you be sure you’ve found a good insurance company? What makes an insurer the best insurance company?

This Safepoint Insurance review lays out the facts in an effort to answer these questions. We’ll take a look at customer reviews and average premiums to give a full impression of the company so you can draw your own conclusions.

Safepoint Insurance offers insurance in five states, including Florida and Louisiana. The company offers homeowners insurance, flood, identity theft protection, equipment breakdown, and commercial insurance. It has an A, Exceptional, rating from Demotech and maintains less than 1 percent of the Florida’s home insurance market share.

Safepoint Insurance Customer Reviews

Customer reviews offer insight into what’s it’s like to work with a company. That’s especially important when shopping for insurance because price is often not the only consideration. You want to make sure you’re dealing with a company that will look out for you when you experience a major loss.

Safepoint Insurance has strong reviews: out of 166 reviews, they have an average 4.1-star rating on Google. Many of the reviews cite good prices and service.

The company also maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau with 17 total complaints in the past three years – three of those complaints were resolved and closed. To the company’s credit, they do attempt to resolve the complaints with each consumer.

For comparison, Kin has more than 1,800 customer reviews between Google and Trustpilot and a 4.8-star average rating. Most of our reviews cite the excellent customer experience when buying a policy with us. Our staff knows the ins and outs of insurance, which means we’re ready to answer any question. They also note saving quite a bit of money when they make the switch.

Like Safepoint, Kin works hard to understand why someone didn’t give us top marks, responds to the issue, and seeks to find a solution when possible.

Bottom line: Knowledge is power for homeowners. We make sure we’re a trusted resource for insurance information.

Safepoint Insurance Average Premium

Homeowners insurance in Florida and Louisiana is expensive – there’s no sugarcoating that. Because of its intense and frequent hurricanes, insurers have to price coverage that appropriately addresses the risk to ensure they can pay claims. The best insurers constantly work to help bring down costs, though.

Both Kin and Safepoint are similar in pricing. For a $300k newly built home, our average yearly premium is $1,354, and Safepoint’s is $1,348.

Average Annual Premium for a $300k Newly Built Home

State Kin Average Premium Safepoint Average Premium
Florida $1,354 $1,348
Louisiana $1,565 TBD

Keep in mind that averages are an illustration, not a guarantee. Your premium will vary depending on where you live, your home’s construction and age, your claims history, and more. Plus, you may be eligible for more discounts than those reflected in these projections.

Safepoint Insurance Claims

The point of insurance is to have financial security when you experience a loss. That’s why it’s so important to know how a company handles claims – this is when they make good on their promise to the policyholder.

A few of Safepoint’s reviews cite a disappointing claims experience, but overall customers seem satisfied.

Our approach to claims is simple: we strive for clear communication, fair settlements, and quick repairs. We created our Managed Repair Network to help you get your home back to its usual splendor faster. You get to choose from professional contractors who’ve already been thoroughly vetted, and they get to work on rebuilding and repairing your home.

See what it’s like to work with an insurance company built for you. Get a quote from Kin today.

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